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    Default CBR: You Could Be Mark Millar's Next Collaborator

    The all-star comics writer behind creator-owned hits like "Wanted" and "Kick-Ass" puts out a call for an unknown artist to drawn his next big series, asking for anyone from bizarre Western cartoonists to anime-influenced artists to apply.

    Full article here.

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    Unless Millar is writing a book about stickmen, I would not be the best man for this job. However, if he's ever looking for a co-writer/co-plotter, I'm there!

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    I wonder if many people are having trouble getting access to post their work like I am. Maybe it's just delayed due to this talent search. It's great to see that he's giving an unknown a shot, though :)

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    I'm not trying to sound like troll, but this just reeks of publicity stunt.
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    Paul Mayburry is the best!!!

    I like these too:
    A.Huerta ???

    All 3 can colour, they're complete packages.
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