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    Default Downloading comics

    As a shop owner I abhor it.
    I would like to see a more comprehensive "Hibbs-esque" exploration of the long term effects that torrent downloads has on the comic book industry.

    Is that in the cards?

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    I would like to see that as well. Erik Larsen talked about piracy of comics, and what it will mean when comics go digital. Here's a link:

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    An interesting topic to be sure, but I'm wondering how you'd go about pegging rates of sales to downloads or if you even could? I'm also wondering if we're not yet far enough away from this process -- or maybe far enough into it? -- to know what those effects are going to be?
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    I've never downloaded any comics but I do buy quite a bit of used.

    I lucked out one weekend at my LCS and the mid 90's Teen Titans (with a teenaged Ray Palmer leading a team of newcomers) was in the back issue bins for a quarter a piece.

    Now this is a book I steered clear of at a dollar a pop but when I saw it at 1/4th the price I went ahead and picked it up.

    You'd have to factor in folks that download books that they would never, ever buy. My price for the Teen Titans was a quarter a piece but above that?

    I wasn't getting it.

    For some people they simply have no intention of buying a book but may want to check it out if they can download it at no cost.

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    I don't like when people do it for something that just came out yesterday. I don't care as much if it's 40 years old and hard to find. It's important to buy to keep these businesses alive. So, I support buying.
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    I'm going to admit it. I down load comics. But only old back issues from like the early 90's and 80's. The way I figure it I'm not really hurting the artists who created them because if I were to buy them in their physical form it's not as if they'd receive any money from me; they've already been paid. I suppose I'm hurting an LCS but there isn't one for miles so I feel in the clear here too.


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