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    Default 2010 convention appearance!

    Hey there gang... I just wanted to drop a quick line to let you know that I've really been giving some attention to the 2010 convention circuit!... I'm still sorting out some of the shows, but I have locked down my plans for the following shows
    Emerald City (Seattle WA)
    Wondercon (San Francisco CA)
    C2E2 ( Chicago IL )
    Wizard Toronto ( Toronto, Canada... but you knew that.. )
    Pittsburgh Comicon (Monroeville -yes, it's in Monroeville PA)
    Motorcity (Novi MI)
    With more dates to come... but that's a good start.. Check out my website ( ) to see a full list!

    I hope to see you all out on the road soon!
    S T U A R T
    S A Y G E R

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    Default Motor City!

    You're making it back!!!!! That's awesome to hear Stuart! I'm pinching my budget this year as I'm going to Celebration V in Orlando, but I'm definitely going to have to get something from you!!! How's your 2010 been thus far?

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    Default motor city

    Yes... I've been unable to make it to the last few motorcity cons and that is regrettable... honestly , the motorcity con was the 3rd convention that I attended as a pro and it holds alot of memories for me... It will be good to be back!
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    I'll be seeing you a couple of times it looks like. good.

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    see ya at wondercon!! damn i wish it wasn't easter weekend though
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    I'll be at Emerald City and C2E2, hopefully I'll see you there.

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    Yay, I'll see you at C2E2 Stu!

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    I'm trying to convince a friend to go with me to Motor City so I can meet with someone about a website they need designed. Things are still up in the air though but I am hoping I can come celebrate my birthday.

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    Default Motor City Con

    I'm excited to make it back to the Motorcity con...I will be my first MCC in 3 years... I'm hoping to recognize many fans from previous years.. frankly it's been so long since i've made it to this show, that i don't know what to expect!
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    Well... Looks like my birthday at Motor City is a no go. No one wanted to make the day trip with me... But I hope you still intend to keep your promise about MidOhioCon. ;P


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