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    Default Stuart is again drawing Bionicle! YES, back for more!

    HEY THERE GANG! What a strange place I find my self these days! Seems like old times since I agreed to draw a 25 page Bionicle story for Papercutz to be published in: Legends of Bara Magna (Bionicle Graphic Novels Series #8)

    I'll be doing both pencils and inks on the story with another artist doing the coloring chores! Just when you thought that my Bionicle days were over I come back for more! Anyway... I'm going to keep this short as I have a deadline coming this Monday on the project!
    S T U A R T
    S A Y G E R

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    Oh yes... And just so everyone knows... The papercutz Bionicle graphic novel #8 will feature 3 never before printed Bionicle stories! Previous issues were mostly reprint, but this issue will be never before seen story and art! If you've only been getting Bionicle comcs from the Lego fan club you won't have these stories!

    Now you know!
    S T U A R T
    S A Y G E R


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