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    Default CBR: Zubkavich & Dogan Throw Down with "Street Fighter Legends"

    CBR talked to Jim Zubkavich and Omar Dogan about "Street Fighter Legends: Ibuki" and take an exclusive look at the art from the first issue of the latest in UDON's line of comics based on Capcom's famous fighting series.

    Full article here.

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    I'll be getting this. But personally, I wish that UDON would do a Final Fight mini. Got teased a bit about them in the current Street Fighter II:Turbo book, and have been clamoring for more for awhile now.

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    I'm going to get it as well, but I would rather have a Cammy mini series.

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    I can't wait for this as well.

    As for a Final Fight series, I think UDON is working on one... especially with the amount of attention SSFIV is getting and will get, I have no doubt they will promote a FF series to coincide with the release of the new game. If not in March, then maybe a little after or before.

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    Picked this up...didn't regret it. It's a cute and fun comic with a strong female lead. Guest star Makoto is especially cute when she's itching for a fight (which is like every second of her day). Can't wait for the next issue!
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