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    Default CBR: Matthew Sand Cuts Into "Ninja Assassin"

    The co-screenwriter of the Wachowskis-produced, high intensity, anime-inspired martial arts action flick talked with CBR News about how the movie came together, why ninjas are like sharks and his connection with the comic book world.

    Full article here.

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    Saw this movie tonight.
    It was awesome.
    If you are into action...blood...guns...limbs flying, people getting cut in half, and ninja stars hitting people like bullets...then you just might be into it too.
    Seriously. I enjoyed this movie from start to finish, and found myself just smiling through every action scene because it was so incredibly violent.
    If you're a stuck up chump thats too good for a straight up action flick, don't bother.
    But hey, it's written by JMS and directed by the guy that did V for Vendetta. How can you go wrong?


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