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    Default CBR: J. Bone Kids With "Super Friends"

    Eisner-nominated artist J. Bone loves drawing DC's "Big 6" every month as the cover artist of the kid-friendly "Super Friends" comic. In February, Bone will mark the title's two-year anniversary by providing the interior art, as well.

    Full article here.

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    Folks, if you're not reading this book, or at least sneaking a look as you buy it for a kid, you are missing some wonderful. Sholly Fisch has been drawing on a deep knowledge of the DCU and delivering some truly wacky stories, the kind of stuff that you couldn't do in the DCU anymore, the kind of wacky stuff that got old farts like me into comics in the first place. The man has written Mopee The Elf and Kanga into stories.

    Rollicking fun, bright and happy art, and each a done-in-one. It is a stellar gateway book for any kid. The single biggest surprise, and best kept secret of the Johnny DC line.

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    J. Bone is so ridiculously talented! He's really telling the truth here, SUPERFRIENDS is a consistently awesome title and with Bone doing interiors, it's going to look amazing.


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