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    Quote Originally Posted by Josh S View Post
    I like Reel Big Fish. :(
    More power to you. If you look at my page, you'll see that I did, too. Lots. I guess it's just a matter of changing tastes.

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    I, uh...hmm...


    Yuma- Dissociation
    Bullet for My Valentine- Her Voice Resides
    Metallica- Of Wolf and Men
    Micahel de Hey- Camera (Funk D'Void Mix)
    Calm- Still Dreaming
    Tekken 3- Yoshimitsu
    Nine Inch Nails- The Great Below
    Machine Head- Now I Lay Thee Down
    Smith and Pledger- Forever
    Nine Inch Nails- Lights in the Sky
    Culture Beat- Mr. Vain
    The Orb- Little Fluffy Clouds
    The Cure- Burn
    Austrian Death Machine- Who Is Your Daddy and What Does He Do?
    Toxic Holocaust- Feedback, Blood, and Distortion
    Super Soul System- You Got It All
    Machine Head- Imperium
    Chris Girard- Rideau Street
    Chieko Kinbara- Spring Rain
    Mastodon- Divinations

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    1. US Bombs - Jaks
    2. Cobra Skulls - Anybody Scene My Cobra
    3. Boy Sets Fire - Eviction Article
    4. The Stitches - I can't Do Anything
    5. Less Than Jake - Surrender (Cheap Trick cover)
    6. Motorhead - Life's a Bitch
    7. Pantera - The Art of Shredding
    8. Slayer - Criminally Insane (Remix)
    9. Biohazard - Man with a Promise
    10. The Living End - Have They Forgotten?
    11. Misfits - Vampira
    12. HorrorPops - Trapped
    13. Billy Bragg - The Myth of Trust
    14. Metallica - Bleeding Me
    15. Suicide Machines - 17% 18-25
    16. Social Distortion - She's A Knockout
    17. Anthrax - We're a Happy family (Ramones cover)
    18. The Descendents - When I get old
    19. Alice in Chains - Would?
    20. Rancid - Empros Lap Dog

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    Looking at a lot of the shuffles, I'd love to see what else is on everyone else's Ipods, Shuffle, Zune, etc.
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    1. "Magic 8 Ball" - Cub
    2."Diddy Wah Diddy" - Captain Beefheart
    3."The Wrong Way" TV on the Radio
    4. "You Got Your Head on Backwards" The Sonics
    5. "HoldYour Head High" Heartless Bastards
    6. "Georgia On a Fast Train" BR-549
    7. "Stronger Than Dirt" The Mummies
    8. "Who Do You Love" The Woolies
    9. "Back in the Day" -Local H
    10. "Surf Medley" Junior Brown
    11."Heading Out to the Highway" -Judas Priest
    12. "James Bond Theme" The Ventures
    13. "Honey Bop" Wanda Jackson
    14. "Rocka Rolla" Judas Priest
    15. "All the Young Punks" The Clash
    16. "All Kindsa Girls" The Real Kids
    17. "Psycho" Big Boys
    18. "Books of Moses" Tom Waits
    19. "Egyptian Shumba" The Tammys
    20. "Sword in the Stone" Ted Leo and the Pharmacists
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    I'll do this one more time:

    1. Slack Mother Fucker - Superchunk
    2. No God Only Religion - Spiritualized
    3. Whiskey In The Jar - Thin Lizzy
    4. Waiving FlaGS - British Sea Power
    5. Senses Working Overtime - XTC
    6. Black Planet - Sisters of Mercy
    7. Grace - Jeff Buckley
    8. Born Slippy - Underworld
    9. California Stars - Wilco
    10. Up All Night - Unwritten Law
    11. Spit You Out - Bullet for my Valentine
    12. Going the Distance - Cake
    13. Blue Eyed Soul - Wilco
    14. Dead Set on Destruction - Husker Du
    15. Say it Aint So - Weezer
    16. Yulunga - Dead can Dance
    17. Time is Running Out - Muse
    18. Narc - Interpol
    19. Beautiful Wreck - Shawn Mullins
    20. We Are Going to Be Friends - White Stripes

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    1. David Bowie - A New Career In A New Town
    2. Supergrass - Pumping On Your Stereo
    3. The Pogues - Fiesta
    4. Minutemen - One Reporter's Opinion
    5. The Buzzcocks - Oh Shit!
    6. David Bowie - Sweet Thing
    7. The Rolling Stones - Parachute Woman
    8. Radiohead - The National Anthem
    9. Elvis Costello and The Attractions - ...And In Every Home
    10. Bat For Lashes - Daniel
    11. GZA/Genius - Duel Of The Iron Mic
    12. Minor Threat - Screaming At A Wall
    13. M.I.A. - $20
    14. The Stone Roses - Don't Stop
    15. Iggy Pop - Baby
    16. The National - Secret Meeting
    17. Mastodon - Crack The Skye
    18. Sloan - The Lines You Amend
    19. Yo La Tengo - I Feel Like Going Home
    20. Someone Still Loves You Boris Yeltsin - What'll We Do?


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    Soilwork-Follow the Hollow
    Judas Priest- War
    Alestorm-The Famous Ol' Spiced
    Star One- Sandrider
    Pain of Salvation-Her voices
    Dethklok- Mermader II
    The Beatles-Lovely Rita
    Bruce Dickinson-Darkness be my friend
    Iced Earth- Invasion
    Pain of Salvation-Deus Nova
    Edguy-Tears of the Mandrake
    Queen-In the lap of the gods
    Judas Priest-Leather Rebel
    Devin Townsend-Olives
    Bruce Dickinson-Tears of the dragon
    The Beatles-Octopus's Garden
    Atheist-On they Slay
    Tool-Faaip De Oaid
    Ayreon-Day One: Vigil
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    Default Shuffle Your Collection

    Lets rotate the...shuffle

    Movies-Alien Ant Farm
    Far Away-Nickelback
    Sewn-The Feeling
    Seven Nation Army-The White Stripes
    Tribute-Tenacious D
    I Write Sins Not Tragedies-Panic at the Disco
    In The Morning-Razorlight
    Hardware Store-Weird Al Yancovich
    Origional Prankster-The Offspring
    Golden Skans-Klaxons
    Paint It Black-The Rolling Stones

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    I hardly think that's any of your business.


    1. Everclear- I Will Buy You A New Life
    2. Green Day- Jesus of Suburbia
    3. Seether- Fine Again
    4. Fuel- Hemmorhage
    5. Rise Against- Ready to Fall
    6. Breaking Benjamin- Diary of Jane
    7. Manchester Orchestra- I've Got Friends
    8. Fastball- The Way
    9. Linkin Park- A Place For My Head
    10. Angels and Airwaves- Valkyrie Missile
    11. Limp Bizkit- Rollin'
    12. Incubus- Love Hurts
    13. My Chemical Romance- Thank You For The Venom
    14. Foo Fighters- Let It Die
    15. Metallica- Frantic
    16. Nirvana- Rape Me
    17. Angels and Airwaves- Heaven
    18. Dashboard Confessional- Vindicated
    19. Lit- My Own Worst Enemy
    20. Linkin Park- Don't Stay

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    1. Round and round - The Germs
    2. Tail in garbage - Melt Banana
    3. Locking drop dead in McDonalds - Anal Cunt
    4. Reason for existence - Subhumans
    5. Just another damn song - Bad Brains
    6. Fear the intruder - Dr Know
    7. Living in fear - Cheap Sex
    8. Cough/cool - The Misfits
    9. Scissor quiz - Melt Banana
    10. American Achievements - MDC
    11. The life cycle will turn - Wolfbrigade
    12. I don't wanna die - Subhumans
    13. Beginning of the end - Amebix
    14. All bands suck - Toxic Narcotic
    15. Reagan youth - Reagan Youth
    16. Blind attack - Conflict
    17. I wanna be a star - The Cockney Rejects
    18. Skulls - The Misfits
    19. The end - The Willard
    20. Feed the children (book of lies) - Leftover Crack

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    1. Sing a Song- Earth, Wind & Fire.
    2. The Rape Over- Mos Def.
    3. Patricia's Moving Picture- The Go! Team.
    4. Riot Fight- Beastie Boys.
    5. Sound Check (Gravity)- Gorillaz.
    6. I'm lonely (But I Ain't that Lonely Yet)- The White Stripes.
    7. Freaky Black Greetings- Mos Def.
    8. What You Want- The Roots.
    9. The Wanton Song- Led Zeppelin.
    10. One Piece at a Time- Johnny Cash.
    11. Thought I Knew- Weezer.
    12. Workin'- Black Lips.
    13. American Music- Violent Femmes.
    14. 10th Period: Biters Block- Gym Class Heroes.
    15. The Most Beautiful Girl (In the Room)- Flight of the Conchords
    16. My Favorite Things- Outkast
    17. I Invented the Night- Electric Six
    18. Revolution 1- The Beatles
    19. I'll Be Back- The Beatles
    20.Milk It-Nirvana

    Much more varied than I thought it would be, so that's cool.

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    Snow Patrol - Grazed Knees
    Franz Ferdinand - Do You Want To
    Guns N' Roses - Don't Cry (Live)
    Lifehouse - Learn You Inside Out
    Van Halen - Atomic Punk
    Judas Priest - Devil's Child
    The Beatles - The Continuing Story of Bungalow Bill
    Iron Maiden - Can I Play with Madness
    Iron Maiden - Powerslave
    Motley Crue - Smokin' in the Boys Room
    The Beatles - Long Tall Sally
    Honest Bob and the Factory-to-Dealer Incentives - I Don't Say Anything
    Linkin Park - Frg/10 (Remix)
    Queen - I Want it All
    The Beatles - Wild Honey Pie
    Van Halen - Top Jimmy
    Chicago - You Come to My Senses
    Foo Fighters - Hey, Johnny Park!
    Van Halen - Eruption
    Snow Patrol - Run

    More indicative of my overall collection than I thought.
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    Like A Rolling Stone - Bob Dylan
    Cortez the Killer - Neil Young
    Losing My Religion - REM
    Sweet Home Chicago - Robert Johnson
    Lounge Act - Nirvana
    Brand New Colony - Postal Service
    Fake Plastic Trees - Radiohead
    Smoke Stack Lightnin' - Howlin' Wolf
    Mine's Not a High Horse - The Shins
    Big Mouth Strikes Again - The Smiths
    You're Gonna Miss Me - 13th Floor Elevators
    Mistakes - Straylight Run
    Pale Blue Eyes - Velvet Underground
    Leopard-skin Pill-box Hat - Bob Dylan
    Sweet Thing - Van Morisson
    I'm a Man - Muddy Waters
    Hollywood Nights - Bob Seger and the Silver Bullet Band
    Cinammon - Long Winters
    No Woman No Cry - Bob Marley
    Dearest - Buddy Holly

    Pretty good run of songs if I do say so myself.
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    1. Joan Jett – "Roadrunner"
    2. The Beatles – "Glass Onion"
    3. Eric Clapton – "Layla"
    4. Stevie Wonder – "You Are The Sunshine Of My Life"
    5. The Presidents of the United States of America – "Cleveland Rocks"
    6. Lou Reed – "There Is No Time"
    7. Elvis Costello – "Pump It Up"
    8. The Police – "Invisible Sun"
    9. Green Day – "Boulevard of Broken Dreams"
    10. Madness – "Shut Up"
    11. Queen – "Killer Queen"
    12. Stevie Wonder – "For Once In My Life"
    13. The Beatles – "Revolution 1"
    14. Eurythmics – "Missionary Man"
    15. Evanescence – "Taking Over Me"
    16. Reverend Horton Heat – "Now, Right Now"
    17. Sting – "Fields Of Gold"
    18. Eurythmics – "Don't Ask Me Why"
    19. The Specials – "War Crimes"
    20. The Police – "Tea In The Sahara"
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