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    1. 7 Seconds - Big Hardcore Mystery
    2. Armored Saint - Den of Thieves
    3. Suicidal Tendencies - Accept My Sacrifice
    4. Slayer - Public Display of Dismemberment
    5. Dead to Me - Don't Lie
    6. Whole Wheat Bread - Scar Your Lungs
    7. Death Riders - I'm a No One
    8. Myrphy's Law - C Low
    9. Cherry Poppin' Daddies - Dr. Bones
    10. Down by Law - Independence Day
    11. Roger Miret and the Disasters - Just Us
    12. Motorhead - Damage Case
    13. Bickley - Arkansas Death Ride
    14. Corrosion of Conformity - Bottom Feeder
    15. Nathan Maxwell and the Original Bunny Gang - Love Outlaw
    16. Misfits - Nike-A-Go-Go
    17. Tiger Army - Ghostfire
    18. Against Me! - You Look Like I Need a Drink
    19. Koffin Kats - Mechanical Youth
    20. Reverend Horton Heat - Rumble Strip

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    Quote Originally Posted by Adam C View Post
    Can has a song of the same name, but somehow I doubt this is the same one.
    Why? She was the singer of an indie-rock band before she went for the pop market. I'll check and report back.

    (Edit: D'oh! Misread and thought we were talking about a song by Vitamin C. Yeah, Yoko Kanno's is a seven-second soundtrack snippet.)

    And I only have the one Puffy AmiYumi album! Out of a couple thousand albums, fracking Shuffle decided that one needed to show up twice.
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    1. Ramblin on my Mind- Robert Johnson
    2. Breathless- Jerry Lee Lewis
    3. Bulletproof Cupid- Girls Against Boys
    4. Seaweed- The Gits
    5. Disappearer- Sonic Youth
    6. Rains on Me- Tom Waits
    7. Honey Don't-Carl Perkins
    8. Haunted House- Hasil Adkins
    9. Slippin and Slidin- Tito and Tarantula
    10. Like No Other Man- The Sonics
    11. Whiskey Bottle- Uncle Tupelo
    12. Fell in Love with a Girl-White Stripes
    13. Wildfire- Michael Martin Murphey
    14. Terms of Psychic Warfare-Husker Du
    15. Walk Away- Tom Waits
    16. When Will the Goddamn Poor Wise Up- Karl Hendricks Trio
    17. You're Gonna Miss me- 13th Floor Elevators
    18. Baby Loves Him- Wanda Jackson
    19. Someday You Will Pay- Miller Sisters
    20. Evening in Paris- Lois
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    Quote Originally Posted by Jonathan Bogart View Post
    Why? She was the singer of an indie-rock band before she went for the pop market. I'll check and report back.

    (Edit: D'oh! Misread and thought we were talking about a song by Vitamin C. Yeah, Yoko Kanno's is a seven-second soundtrack snippet.)
    I'm familiar with some her soundtrack work, and while she's certainly quite able at genre-hopping nothing in it leads me to believe she'd cover a CAN song. (Though it would be kinda of interesting to see what she'd come up with.)
    "Yes, but only as a post-Kantian idealized fractal holographic semantic construct whose reality depends on the degree of your solipsistic convictions."

    -- Roquefort Raider on 'God' .

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    This is off my currently very limited iPhone.

    1.Breakdown - Soviet
    2. Everybody's Changing - Keane
    3. Waterloo Sunset - Cornershop
    4. The Road - Zero 7
    5. She's Gone - The Purrs
    6. To Be With You - Mr. Big
    7. Baby Let's Play House - Elvis
    8. Foreplay/Long Time - Boston
    9. I Wanna Be Like You - Big Bad Voodoo Daddy
    10. She Is Love - Oasis
    11. In God's Country - U2
    12. Medicine Man - The Hush Sound
    13. Me and Mia - Ted Leo and the Pharmacists
    14. Have Love Will Travel - The Black Keys
    15. Halloweenhead - Ryan Adams
    16. I'm Yours - Jason Mraz
    17. I Am Trying To Break Your Heart - Wilco
    18. Le Le Low - Hot Hot Heat
    19. Dashboard - Modest Mouse
    20. On My Own - Vincent Vincent and the Villains
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    Quote Originally Posted by jessecuster3 View Post
    This is off my currently very limited iPhone.
    I forgot about doing it that way. This is off my similarly limited Zen:

    1. Red Hot Chili Peppers - Porcelain
    2. Sigur Ros - Heysatan
    3. Arcade Fire - Black Mirror
    4. Spinto Band - The Black Flag
    5. Pegasuses - XL - Theme to Athfest
    6. The Mountain goats - The Mess Inside
    7. The Beatles - Come Together
    8. Reel Big Fish - Off
    9. Dillinger Four - Shiny Things is Good
    10. Bomb the Music Industry! - Showerbeers
    11. My Bloody Valentine - Come in Alone
    12. LCD Soundsystem - Time to Get Away
    13. Guns N' Roses - Rocket Queen
    14. The Flaming Lips - Yoshimi Battles the Pink Robots
    15. A Tribe Called Quest - Sucka Nigga
    16. James Marsters - Rest in Peace
    17. Rites of Spring - All There Is
    18. Pavement - The Hexx
    19. Pegasuses - XL - $600 Man
    20. Bomb the Music Industry! - Gang of Four Meets the Stooges

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    Now this is home:

    1. Your Gorgeous - Baby Bird
    2. Mersey Paradise - The Stone Roses
    3. Rogue Gnome - The Cassettes
    4. Don't Want You Back - The Sights
    5. The Masterplan - Oasis
    6. Have I Been A Fool - Jack Penate
    7. Yelm - The Village Green
    8. Books From Boxes - Maximo Park
    9. Dolphin - Shed Seven
    10. Family Of Me - Ben Folds
    11. Werewolves Of London - Warren Zevon
    12. Wanderlust - Flogging Molly
    13. Green - Suicide Machines
    14. Buttons - The Weeks
    15. Stop - Black Rebel Motorcycle Club
    16. Chillout Tent - The Hold Steady
    17. She's So High - Blur
    18. She''s Famous Now - Reel Big Fish
    19. Stick To You - Billie the Vision and the Dancers
    20. Candle - Matisyahu

    I should also note, I skipped over anything that was my girlfriend's. It was a bunch of pop country tracks.
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    Quote Originally Posted by jdwrocks View Post
    I'll bite:

    "Come on Eileen" - Reel Big Fish

    Wasn't this version done by Save Ferris?
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    Since it's relevant:

    I can no longer stand Reel Big Fish. I used to loooove them years ago. Now it's just embarrassing to me.

    And yeah, I'm pretty sure it was Save Ferris.

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    Quote Originally Posted by jessecuster3 View Post
    Wasn't this version done by Save Ferris?
    You're right it was. For some reason it's listed under Reel Big Fish in my itunes library.

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    I like Reel Big Fish. :(

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    1. The Fall of the World's Own Optimist- Aimee Mann
    2. Elanor Rigby- The Beatles
    3. Strangers- The Kinks (Darjeeling Limited ST)
    4. Fields on Fire- Big Country
    5. Rebel Rebel- Seu Jorge (The Life Aquatic w/Steve Zissou ST)
    6. La Seine- Jacques Dutronc
    7. Pushin' Too Hard- The Seeds
    8. Morning Child- 4Hero
    9. Monkey Island- 13th Floor Elevators
    10. 99th Floor- The Moving Sidewalks
    11. Pink Wallpaper- The Nouvells
    12. Tu n’as qu’un mot à dire- Francoise Hardy
    13. Bossa Per Due- Nicola Conte
    14. Sympathy For the Devil- The Rolling Stones
    15. A to N- Sol Seppy
    16. Universal Traveller- Air
    17. Venus In Furs- Velvet Underground
    18. Rubber Lover- Dee Lite
    19. The Sea- Fotheringay
    20. Bacoa- Martin Denny
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    I hardly think that's any of your business.


    1. Weezer- Beverly Hills
    2. Madina Lake- Not For This World
    3. U2- Vertigo
    4. Good Charlotte- Dance Floor Anthem
    5. All-American Rejects- Dirty Little Secret
    6. Alter Bridge- Watch Over You
    7. Breaking Point- One of a Kind
    8. Oasis- Champagne Supernova
    9. My Chemical Romance- Blood
    10. My Chemical Romance- Mama
    11. 30 Seconds to Mars- Attack
    12. Fuel- Won't Back Down
    13. Linkin Park- Breaking The Habit
    14. Nirvana- Rape Me
    15. Panic! at the Disco- Lying is the Most Fun a Girl Can Have Without Taking Her Clothes Off
    16. The Hives- Walk Idiot Walk
    17. Foo Fighters- My Hero
    18. My Chemical Romance- I'm Not Okay
    19. Queens of the Stone Age- No One Knows
    20. Three Days Grace- Animal I Have Become

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    Dark Angel - I Don't Care About You (Live) (Fear cover)
    Dave Brubeck Quartet - It's a Raggy Waltz
    Emperor - Inno A Satanna
    Neanderthal - Fluids
    Melvins - Going Blind
    Discoredance Axis - Angel Present
    Dissection - Heaven's Damnation
    Wayne Shorter - Infant Eyes
    Terrorizer - Whirlwind Struggle
    Poncho Sanchez - I Remember Spring
    Wolfbrigade - The Life Cycle Will Turn II
    Western Addiction - When a Good Friend Attacks
    Cursed - Dead at the Pulpit
    Emperor - Al Svartr (The Oath)
    City of Caterpillar - The Ghosts of Shadows Passing in City Streets
    Ray Barretto - The Soul Drummers
    Miles Davis - Miles Ahead
    Palimpsest - Ghostlimb
    Spitboy - Emaciation
    Victor Jara - Lo Unico Que Tengo

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    I am traveling for work and don't have access to my entire collection right now, so this is just what's on my mp3 player:

    "Only A Lad" - Oingo Boingo
    "A Letter to Elise" - The Cure
    "Atmosphere" - Joy Division
    "Going Homo" - The Dickies
    "Cities in Dust" - Siouxsie and the Banshees
    "Mess" - Ben Folds Five
    "The Garden of Allah" - Don Henley
    "Let Go" - Frou Frou
    "I Married a Martian" - Sparks
    "Today is the Day" - Lincoln Brewster
    "The Fly" - U2
    "Happy" - Ned's Atomic Dustbin
    "God Is Not a Secret" - Newsboys feat. TobyMac
    "Ask" - The Smiths
    "Move Along" - All-American Rejects
    "Reel Around the Fountain" - The Smiths
    "Be Glorified" - Chris Tomlin
    "Ana Ng" - They Might Be Giants
    "Working It" - Don Henley
    "Ocean Avenue" - Yellowcard
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