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    Default What are the names of Marvel characters in other languages?

    Yesterday I made a thread for people to guess X-Men characters from their names in Spanish translations of the comics (here's that thread). People easily guessed them all and furthermore provided many other translated names from Spanish, French, Portuguese. I really like discovering the names of characters abroad, so if you know any, please share! Names of characters, teams, fictional places, objects -- anything at all. If possible also provide the literal translation of the name if it doesn't correspond exactly with the English. (e.g. Mariposa Mental = "Mental Butterfly" = Psylocke).

    Looking forward to seeing what people have got!

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    Човекът Паяк - Spider-man
    Циклопът - Cyclops
    Железният Човек - Iron Man
    Фантастичната Четворка - Fantastic Four
    Върколак (means Werewolf) or Росомах - Wolverine
    Нещото - The Thing

    I will write more some other time.
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    In Brazil

    Captain America = Capitão América
    Thor = Thor
    Iron Man = Homem de Ferro
    Ms. Marvel = Ms. Marvel
    Spiderman = Homem-Aranha
    - Venom = Venom
    - Green Goblin = Duende Verde
    - Doctor Octopus = Doutor Octopus
    Daredevil = Demolidor (demolisher, the most correct traduction is "Desafiador", but DC's Deadman already uses the name)
    - Bullseye = Mercenário (mercenary)
    Punisher = Justiceiro (who bring justice)

    Fantastic Four = Quarteto Fantástico
    - Mr. Fantastic = Sr. Fantástico
    - Invisible Woman = Mulher Invisível
    - The Thing = O Coisa
    - Human Torch = Tocha Humana

    Avengers = Vingadores
    - Hawkeye = Gavião Arqueiro (Archer Hawk)
    - Scarlet Witch = Feiticeira Escarlate
    - Vision = Visão
    - Wonder Man = Magnum (nobody knows why, isn't even a word in portuguese)
    - Spider Woman = Mulher Aranha

    X-Men = X-Men

    - Wolverine = Wolverine
    - Professor X = Professor X
    - Emma Frost = Emma Frost
    -Cyclops = Cíclope
    - Iceman = Homem de Gelo
    - Angel = Anjo
    - Beast = Fera
    - Nightcrawler = Noturno (nocturnal)

    Thunderbolts = Thunderbolts

    - Baron Zemo = Barão Zemo
    - The Fixer = Consertador
    - Songbird = Soprano (the voice classification)
    - Moonstone = Rocha Lunar

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    in dutch most names are the same in english but some how they used to change Nightcrawler...

    Nightcrawler = Harlekein ( in english this would be Harlequin)

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    Surfer d'Argent it means the same thing in French but also implies he's rich or has lots of currency. For Batman I've seen the French use 'chauve-souris ça vit la nuit..' but it just doesn't work as a name it leads you to believe he's some type of vigilante gutter rat or flying rodent, where as in English Bat just means a flying bat or something you hit a baseball with. Doctor Centella in South American Spanish, kinda means he's got something explosive about him but in Spain and Italy they use they direct translation 'Extraño' or 'Estraneo' Wonder Woman, in China it comes out as "An extraordinary woman who is super", while the Japanese just smack it all out in katakana to Japan-ify Western words which probably goes something like this Wo-un-Da-Wo-um-Mu for Diana's name
    and to Japanize Batman you just go Ba-To-Ma-Nu ( that might be バット and マン if I remember right )

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    Few in Lithuanian language:

    Captain America- Kapitonas Amerika.
    Spider-Man- Žmogus voras.
    The Thing- daiktas.
    Iron Man- geležinis žmogus.

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    Some in Italian:

    Spider-Man: L'uomo ragno (even if now they use the English name)
    Hulk: the same, but we say it "Hoolk"
    Captain America: Capitan America
    Fantastic Four: I fantastici quattro
    Invisible Woman: La donna invisibile
    The Thing: La cosa
    Human Torch: La torcia umana
    Nightcrawler: in the past they used Lombrico, but since many years it's Nightcrawler
    The Punisher: Il punitore, shortened "il puni"
    The Juggernaut: Il Fenomeno (The Phenomenon)
    Cyclops: Ciclope
    Iceman: L'uomo ghiaccio
    Beast: La bestia
    Colossus: Colosso
    Daredevil: Devil, without dare, nicknamed "Cornetto"(yeah, like the ice-cream, lol)
    Red Skull: Il teschio rosso
    Black Bolt: Freccia nera (Black Arrow)
    Hercules: Ercole
    High Evolutionary: L'alto evoluzionario
    Hate Monger: Il seminatore d'odio

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    In French:

    Nightcrawler - Diablo
    Wolverine - Serval at first, now Wolverine
    Beast - Le Fauve
    Iceman - Iceberg
    Storm - Tornade
    Banshee - Le Hurleur
    Rogue - Malicia
    Blob - Le Colosse (Colossus remains the same in French)
    Shadowcat - Etincelle (Sprite ) at first, now Shadowcat
    Hellfire Club - Le Club des Damnes
    Cannonball - Rocket
    Sunspot - Solar
    Wolfsbane - Felina
    Juggernaut - Le Fleau
    The Thing - La Chose
    Quicksilver - Vif-Argent
    Silver Surfer - Le Surfer d'Argent ("argent" here only means "silver", Whirlwind, they weren't going for the "money" meaning )
    Scarlet Witch - La Sorciere Rouge
    Hawkeye - Oeil de Faucon
    Mockingbird - Oiseau Moqueur
    Doctor Doom - Docteur Fatalis
    Spider-Man - L'Araignee at first, now Spider-Man
    Ant-Man - L'Homme-Fourmi
    Wasp - La Guepe
    Yellowjacket - Pourpoint Jaune
    Kingpin - Le Caid
    Bullseye - Le Tireur
    Green Goblin - Le Bouffon Vert
    Red Skull - Crane Rouge

    Most English names are kept the same in French.

    That brings back some pretty old memories, from when I was reading Marvel books in French back in the late 80s and in the 90s...

    P.S. - Hey, Gunslinger, give them some transcription, most people here can't read our Cyrillic alphabet.

    Човекът Паяк - Spider-man Chovekut Payuk
    Циклопът - Cyclops Tsikloput
    Железният Човек - Iron Man Zhelezniyat Chovek
    Фантастичната Четворка - Fantastic Four Fantastichnata Chetvorka
    Върколак (means Werewolf) or Росомах - Wolverine Vurkolak, Rosomah
    Нещото - The Thing Neshtoto
    I don't know what to consider canon anymore :(

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    Tetsujin (鉄人) is a Japanese word meaning "iron man"

    Japanese equivalent of Doctor Doom= domu-sensei? or (dumu-sensei?)

    The Japanese word for Grim Reaper is Kuro no Shinigami.

    The Italian for Grim Reaper= il Mietitore Oscuro.

    In German:

    The Red Skull= der rote Schädel
    Black Knight= der schwarze Ritter
    Baron Wolfgang von Strucker= "Wolfgang Freiherr von Strucker".
    Warrior Woman= Kriegerin

    Warrior Woman's accurate German translation is Kriegerin, not Krieger Frau as badly stated in comics (Krieger is a male variant of the warrior). Kriegerfrau may mean "warrior's wife" in German.

    In Germany, the so-called Hauptmann Deutschland, a minor character from Gru's era, was renamed Freiheitskämpfer (Freedom Fighter).
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    Black Panther

    KEM(black) NEBIBI: Egyptian name meaning "panther."
    MELAS PANTERA: Latin form of Greek Melas-meaning black, and Pantheras, meaning "all-hunter," i.e. "panther.
    MKATEEWA TECUMSEH: Native American Shawnee name meaning "Black" and "panther passing across."
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    Very cool topic and interesting to see how certain names are translated/changed in different languages and cultures.

    The Brazilian Secret Wars story in a recent comic legends revealed piece was also an interesting read.

    Have you guys seen the old Japanese Spider Man TV series? Now that is bizarre.

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    I can put few finnish ones. Most of them are direct translations.

    Spiderman- Hämähäkkimies
    Shehulk- Hulktar
    Iron Man- Rautamies
    War Machine- Sotakone
    Warlock - Sotakone ( yep same as above)
    Thing- Möykky
    Nightcrawler - Painajainen ( direct translation is Nightmare)
    Quicksilver- Elohopea
    Hawkeye- Haukansilmä
    Scarletwitch- Purppuranoita
    Colossus- Kolossi
    Absorbing Man- Imijä
    Lizard- Lisko
    Silver Surfer- Hopea Surffari
    Rhino- Sarvikuono
    Shocker- Tärisyttäjä
    Cypher- Koodi
    Cannonball- Kanuunankuula
    Beast- Peto
    Mockingbird- Matkijalintu
    Shadowcat- Varjokissa

    There are names that haven´t been translated like Wolverine and Dr. Doom.

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    In Latin American Spanish

    Spiderman Hombre Araña
    Wolverine Geopardo (Lobesno in Spain's Spanish)
    The Thing La Mole
    Nightcrawler Nocturno
    Shadowcat Sombra
    Green Goblin Duende Verde
    Captain America Capitan America
    Avengers Vengadores
    Dr. Strange Dr Extraño
    Hulk is also Hulk in latin America but I read some translated comics that refer to him as La Masa
    Quicksilver Mercurio
    Valerie Richards Valeria Richards
    Dr Doom is usually reffered to as Dr Doom, but the recent Fantastic Four cartoon dubbed him as Dr. Muerte and his name as Victor Von Muerte.
    Wasp Avispa
    Jubilee Jubilo
    Man-thing Hombre Cosa
    Rogue used to be called Titania but now a days she is reffered to as Rogue.
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    It seems alot of the " XYZ-Man" names dont really roll off the tongue in other languages!

    Probably my favourite is Visao for Vision. Sounds awesome.

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    Green Goblin=Zeleni Goblin
    Invisible woman=Nevidljiva Žena
    Human Torch=Ljudska Baklja
    The Thing=Stvor

    That's all I can think of at the moment... :(


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