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    Default CBR: Pipeline - Oct 27, 2009

    Augie discusses why we shouldn't be so hard on the occasional misspelling or grammatical faux pas in comics. Production difficulties, character flaws, and human error are often to blame. Plus: Drew Carey and Pipelines of five years past.

    Full article here.

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    Please don't forget that question of questions: "Where is it at?"

    It makes me want to reach for a battle-axe every time.

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    Let's discuss the irony of an article that asks we forgive typos in comics work, and then discusses "Improve" comedy.

    I'm far more forgiving of typos on the internet - most website stuff is written on the fly, especially comments in threads, and I'm no sterling typist myself. It's one of the reasons I don't resort to pointing out typos and grammatical errors when engaging someone in a debate - if that's the only weapon you have to refute an argument, you've got nothing. Plus I recall at least one recent thread where a number of people commented on one poster's horrific spelling and grammar, only to learn he was dyslexic.

    But in a comic, newspaper or any professionally run publication, one who hires editors, often several of them, I'm less forgiving. I don't rail on about the errors, but they rankle, more than a typo on a website would. Both should be correct, but at least on a website they can be fixed.

    The whole "its / it's" thing sets my teeth on edge. Picking the wrong homophone (look it up, ya gutter-minded slobs) also annoys me - a recent GLC referred to a "vial" character. (I suggested he might have been a...test-tube baby) People rely far too much on spell-check now. "affect" and effect" are both properly spelled - they just aren't interchangable.

    With more and more lettering being done on the computer, making the fixes becomes easier to do, thus making the more annoying when they remain.

    Sometimes it's an actual printing error, such as the recent "poo-poo word" edition of ASBaR or the issue of Final Crisis that didn't get the German font pre-loaded so the German Supergirl's speech was full of dingbats.. That's a different animal; the rule is, typos are printed in invisible onk on the proof, and in day-glo orange in the production run.

    As i say, it's not a sign of stupidity or illiteracy, but in a publication I'm paying for, it is sloppy. And sometimes laughable. I recall a recent issue of Nightwing where an artist's note "add Wayne Foundation logo here" was clearly visible on the final printed book.

    I spent a good amount of time and money learning these grammar rules, it's only fair I expect them to be followed.

    For the record, I went through and checked this post for typos...I'll lay odds I didn't get them all. Not sure if that makes me the pot or the kettle.

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    I don't mind it's and its mix ups so much, but for some reason your and you're bothers me. I don't comment online aout it thought because I'm awful with commas. Glass houses and all that.

    I loved, LOVED the first four seasons of Drew Carey, but grew to hate the show over the last couple of seasons (him hosting Who's Line didn't help much - why did he keep saying that the points didn't matter? just stop!). Those first seasons were really amazing - great musical episodes. I can't believe that only the first season is on DVD though. I guess those last couple of seasons really tainted the whole series for more than just me.

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    You beat me to it, vbartilucci!

    Nothing says 'righteous indignation' better than a rant wherein the bitchmeister is guilty of what they are deriding! (You'd think the writer might have done an extra scan for editing's sake!)

    I remember a month not that long ago that I plopped down to read my new stack of comics! The first three comics in the stack all happened to be DC Comics, and all three had horrible screw-ups in grammar and syntax that were not related to a particular character's dialect or some such.

    Condemning the folks involved might seem like splitting hairs, but we're talking about Warner Brothers here. A monolithic corporation handling characters that are worth millions. It just looks bad.

    The real kick in the rubber parts? If any of us unwashed masses sent in a script that had such a 'simple' error in it, we would be run into the ground for unprofessionalism. ( And rightfully so, but let's use the same standards, please.)

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    I recall The Wife sending out a story for publication a while back, and getting one reply from an editor who must have been having a bad day. It basically said "I don't usually reply to these but some of your grammar errors really annoyed me" He then listed said errors. One small problem - he was wrong on every one of them. He mis-spelled every word he claimed she had misspelled, and each grammar fix he suggested was wrong.

    She wrote him back. No second reply was forthcoming.

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    May I quote me?

    "The other rule of internet arguments is that anyone who corrects someone else's spelling or grammar will end up committing their own act of atrocity against the English language in the same post."

    I proved out my own rule. I had 2000+ chances. Thankfully, the error came in a different section of the column. It's slightly less awful there.



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