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    Default Quasi-political question about the MU

    How would a nationalized health care system in the MU work, and would super-heroes oppose it like they did the SHRA?

    A nationalized health care system would likely help the government identify super-heroes and mutants, either by way or a combination of people who visit the emergency room a lot with strange cases and people who have odd physiological anomalies. Considering one of the current administration's proposals to make a national health care (NHC) system work is to upgrade the IT infrastructure, NHC would make it easier to tie medical records/histories with other services, like unemployment benefits and using shared biometric information in weeding out drug seekers who hop to various hospitals.

    Combine that with Selective Services, and a NHC system that identified mutants and heroes would effectively BE the SHRA.

    So, how do people like Captain America and Spider-Man feel about NHC, which has a side effect that's basically the same as the SHRA?

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    someone tried this a few months ago. we started betting on when it would get closed.
    it made it to 11 posts i think.
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    Quote Originally Posted by daveageallen View Post
    someone tried this a few months ago. we started betting on when it would get closed.
    it made it to 11 posts i think.
    Ah, cool! I'll go look it up. Thanks!

    EDIT: Do you remember the title of the thread perhaps?
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    Seems like most super-heroes don't show up at regular hospitals anyway...

    I'd guess they'd go for it...

    Unless it raised their taxes, and then they were paying for something that they didn't use. Kind of like those of us w/o kids have to do with the public school system now.........
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    There is Night Nurse (Linda Carter) that heals all super heroes in the Marvel Universe already.
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    It comes down to a basic question of "Do you trust the system?" Once hospital ERs get a rep of being lookouts for the NHRA, that means a lot of people go elsewhere whether they really should or if they're just paranoid.


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