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    Default CBR: Wilson Takes to the "Air"

    CBR checked in with writer G. Willow Wilson for her thoughts on Amelia Earhart, the upcoming Hilary Swank movie, and how the first woman to fly solo across the Atlantic Ocean fits in so nicely into the world of "Air."

    Full article here.

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    Fascinating as always! Wilson is a really amazing writer, and I hope everyone's reading Air!

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    Just finished the second tpb last night; am I the only person that wants to like this series more than they actually do?

    This series has some great conceptual elements but just seems to fall flat (for me) in the execution. I'd be tempted to blame it on Wilson not really being experienced as a comics writer but even that's not true because it does, at times, make clever use of visual elements that wouldn't work as well in a novel. The art's not great - sorta stiff with occasional inelegant panel arrangements and forced facial expressions - but it's not bad enough that I can't get past it.

    Also, I do get the impression that this book might read better in single issues. They often seem like they'd be a satisfying solo read each with their own narrative purpose. Which might explain why there's so much issue by issue buzz, especially in the blurbage, yet very little of that seems to be translating it to momentum in the tpb sales (from what I've seen).
    ... and yet here I am arguing on the interwebs.


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