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    Default CBR: Exclusive Images From Astro Boy

    Based on the manga of Osamu Tezuka, "Astro Boy" arrives in theaters October 23rd. CBR News has been provided with three exclusive images from the film, a modern telling of the character's origins.

    Full article here.

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    Default Good for Astro Boy now where's Gatchaman?

    Now I'm not hate'n on Astro I really do intend to go see it but of all the resent 70's & 80's kid shows to make the jump to big screen the one I've looked forward to most has got be Gatchaman aka Battle of the Planets aka G- Force (not the Disney movie about Hamsters) with it's crazy action and even though it was made in Japan I can't believe they got away with that on American TV moments.
    Can we please start seeing some news on this soon? and whether or not Imagi studios stopped production on it when it ran into money trouble while making Astro Boy and Gatchaman at the same time


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