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    Default CBR: Sylvain White Still Traveling Towards "Ronin"

    Despite the waves caused by the formation of DC Entertainment, director Sylvain White confirms for CBR News that Frank Miller's "Ronin" is still coming to the big screen - just not panel for panel.

    Full article here.

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    After helming the dance hit "Stomp The Yard

    Yeah, I'm out.

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    And while the director wants to remain true to the original story, he said that a project like "Ronin" would only be hurt by attempting to film it panel-for-panel, as Miller adaptations like "Sin City" and "300" were done.

    Finally, someone gets it. Sin City was terrible, and 300 wasn't much better, but luckily it was a simple story about half naked men hacking each other to bits, so it was a little hard to screw up. And I don't even want to see Watchmen
    Sure, this guy directed Stomp the Yard, but based on the statement above, I'm willing to give him the benefit of the doubt, at least I don't have to put up with Zac Snyder ruining another movie by slavishly imitating each panel.

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    sylvian has been attached to this for 3 years now. i'm suprised the film is still on the table to be filmed.
    Okay, before this thread this is what I knew about Tish, zip, zero, nada.
    I now know that Tish is a heavily armed, black, bi-sexual, truck driving woman who likes going to the clubs.
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    Stomp the Yard? Yeah.....I don't think so.

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    Hey, who's to say that a creator isn't up for a total change of genre and tone?

    Meanwhile, I somewhat see what he means by how panel to panel wouldn't work on Ronin. It's just not as cinematic a book as 300 or Sin City. It's more of a comic using panels in a less storyboard way and more using unique comics storytelling. Though I do hope they translate it well and don't just start monkeying around with the story.


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