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    Default CBR: "Starkweather: Immortal" Returns at Archaia

    Writer David Rodriguez and artist Patrick McEvoy talk to CBR News about the series relaunch and the mythos of the Starkweather universe, where Templars and Witches fight an endless war with a young man caught in the middle.

    Full article here.

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    Great, I bought the single issues and now I'll have to pay money for a whole TP, to get the rest of the story?
    I'm not gonna do it..

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    I feel your pain -- same thing happened to me with the Archaia series Awakening, & I reacted identically to you. That series' author had all sorts of convincing things to say about springing for the HC, though -- ... How applicable any of that might be for Starkweather, I dunno, since I know nothing about it. (Haven't yet read the linked interview.)
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