No Londo Mollari jokes, please.

From Everything2's Comic Book Ages :
1897 - 1937 Platinum or Pre-Golden Age
1938 - 1955 Golden Age
1956 - 1972 Silver Age
1973 - 1985 Bronze Age
1986 - now Modern Age (also called the Plastic, Tin or Iron Age)

Platinum or Pre-Golden Age
Begins with the first printed collections of weekly comic strips from newspapers. Ends with the Phantom in Ace Comics #11 and Superman in Action Comics #1. Debate over this point is heated.

Golden Age
Begins with Superman in Action Comics #1, June 1938 and Batman in Detective Comics #27, May 1939

Silver Age
Begins with the relaunch of The Flash in Showcase #4, October 1956

Bronze Age
Begins with Gwen Stacy's death in Amazing Spider-Man #121, March 1973 and the relaunch of X-Men in Giant Size X-Men #1, May 1975

Modern Age
Begins with Frank Miller's The Dark Knight Returns, March 1986 and the Superman: Man of Steel miniseries, June 1986
I'm trying to decide if what we thought of as the "modern age" is over now, and if we've begun a new age. We're seeing the reintroduction of classic golden and silver age ideas, concepts, and characters in the DC and Marvel Universes. This constitutes a change in tone and direction, and I wonder if it's enough to constitute a new age.