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    Default CBR: Dark Horse's Philip Simon Looks Into Conan's Future

    With "Conan the Cimmerian" #13 on sale now, concluding the "Black Colossus" arc, CBR spoke with Dark Horse editor Philip Simon about the next two standalone issues featuring art by Joe Kubert, Timothy Truman and Paul Lee.

    Full article here.

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    The future, Conan?
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    After losing Kurt Busiek to DC, for Aquaman of all things, Dark Horse really dropped the ball on Conan. Tim Truman's Conan has been the WORST comic book incarnation of the character EVER. The best revealing example of this is his "Rogues in the House" arc. Tim Truman ACTUALLY MADE THIS STORY VERY BORING. It takes a lot of work to make "Rogues in the House" feel boring.

    And don't get me started on the terrible art of Tom Giorello. In the "Hand of Nergal" arc, he made the "scary monsters" look and feel like rejects from the "Muppet Show".

    It's really a shame that Dark Horse can't get it's s**t together in regards to Conan. They do great job with BPRD and Hellboy - why can't they do the same with Conan?

    Until they get rid of Tim Truman and find someone capable of doing justice to Robert E Howard's work, I won't be buying this series.

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    They are going to ruin Conan with a new movie franchise next year. Arnold was the definitive Conan but no get some new idiot. They tried with Terminator and it didn't work, why do you think it will work now? Also, the Red Nails animated movie is the freaking joke of the century right next to Chinese Democracy in terms of being released.

    And the stupid Rose McGowan Red Sonja remake is still going ahead but will release in 2011.


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