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    Default CBR: Nicieza Unleashes "Azrael" on Gotham

    Writer Fabian Nicieza, no stranger to Gotham City, brings Azrael back on a full-time basis with a new ongoing series starting in October. CBR spoke Nicieza about "Azrael" and the man in the suit, Michael Washington Lane.

    Full article here.

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    I am very excited about this. I am a huge Azrael fan. Although I loved Jean Paul Valley too, I am just excited to see the return of Az. Any Azrael at this point.

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    Something I didn't realize, until I read this interview, is that the Detective Annual will star the Question (though Batman, Robin and Azrael will all appear).

    Great interview, Fabian.
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    Default Huh?

    Ill stay out of your way if you stay out of mine. He isnt working at cross-purposes to Batman, but he wants his own space and will fight for it if necessary. Yeah, because that worked so well with the last Azrael. Especially when you consider that this guy is nuttier than the last Azrael and is hooked up with an order that broke with the Order of St Dumas because they weren't crazy enough

    Dick: Okay, I have alot of stuff that needs taking care I'm putting you on the honor system dude.

    Azrael: Okay

    Dick: Promise me you won't go nuts and try to kill people.

    Azrael: ........

    Dick: Just for that I'm going to make you pinky swear that you won't go nuts.

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    I loved the hell out of Nomad, so I will definitely be there for Fabian's Azrael.
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    Finally. I am a big Azrael fan, and even though,I think sooner or later Jean-Paul Valley will return(he's the original,after all),for now I am content with the news that its going to return,no matter who's under the hood.

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    Quote Originally Posted by CountAchilles View Post
    Finally. I am a big Azrael fan, and even though,I think sooner or later Jean-Paul Valley will return(he's the original,after all),for now I am content with the news that its going to return,no matter who's under the hood.
    I doubt it. Nicieza already said elsewhere that he isn't going to touch JPV because he's Denny's creation.
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    Oh, this all looks very, very good.
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    The mini-series was the best part of Battle for the Cowl. I kind of like the idea it is a new character that is pretty much an open slate with not everything completely written in stone on 'this is how it has to be'. I think that is a big part of why they are not going to have it try and be a sequel to the original series. There are a few things like the name, suit of sorrows and the Michael Lane character, but the rest is open territory.

    I read the whole Cable & Deadpool series in trades a few weeks back and I thought Fabian Nicieza did a good job on that comic. It was all a pretty good read and some parts were quite good. Best thing about that one was, even though there was some 'history' of the characters there was still a sense of anything can happen.

    You write Batman, Robin or say the X-men and you are pretty much fighting decades of history to try and do something different. If you try a character from scratch, unless you are very timely and lucky, it is very hard to make a dent into the current comic readership. It seems to be a bit easier to try and bring back a somewhat known title and give it another shot, but with a new angle like this Azrael series.

    I hope it turns out to be a good read.

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    Fabian has always written good stuff and I'm really pumped at his take on Az, one of my favorite characters.

    Jean-Paul was cool and I'm sure we'll at least see him in flashback and eventually reintroduced somewhere down the line. I'm liking the new Azrael and the whole lineage thing and separate splinter orders at odds with each other.

    Besides Ra's I think it would help if more of the DCU were woven into the storyline as we go along, like Kobra or the League of Assassins.
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    Sounds good, I'm looking forward to it.

    The covers are fantastic.
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