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    Default CBR: Zen & The Art of DC's "The Great Ten"

    Writer of the critical hit "R.E.B.E.L.S.", Tony Bedard is set to unleash "The Great Ten" on the DC Universe with a 10-part miniseries drawn by Scott McDaniel. CBR spoke with the writer about China's high-powered team of super-functionaries.

    Full article here.

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    Thumbs up

    I loved the appearance of the Great Ten in 52 and am a big fan of McDaniels artwork, so I'm there!

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    Cool interview. Always was interested in The Great Ten eversince 52 and can't wait to see more of their origins and backgrounds. The series itself seems to be tapping into the controversies and tension that surround modern day China and I think this can be seen in the plot. Though at first glance, the choice b/w siding with the old Chinese gods or the Communist party may be an easy one, really, it isn't. I can definitely see why some of the Great Ten may be conflicted with this.

    Also, wow, pretty cool to read about Tony Bedard's interest in Eastern philosophy. Never knew that about him. As someone who also finds that there doesn't have to be a conflict b/w one's Catholic beliefs and Buddhism and Daoism, I certainly can understand where Tony is coming from.

    Anyway, I think when I come back from China, I'll take a look at this title. Looks fantastic! Jia you (加油)!
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    Not usually a McDaniel fan, but this looks appropriate with his high energy and sort of a manga spin.

    Bedard keeps picking up steam and the character concepts are extremely compelling.

    Consider me sold !
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    Normally I can't stand McDaniel's art, but these seems pretty decent and not as flaky and edgy as usual.
    The characters are intriguing and Bedard is one hell of a writer, so count me in.


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