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    Producer Tim Burton and director Shane Acker presented their animated vision of the future involving dolls and machinery to Comic-Con crowds. Is the world ready for stitch-punk? CBR was there to get all the goods on "9."

    Full article here.

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    I saw a trailer for this film recently and I think this will be amazing. I found this quote as part of the original article slightly amusing though.

    "One topic that did come up with the studio, however, was the film’s rating. As “adult” animation can be more difficult to sell to audiences, Acker confessed that the studio did convey a preference for a PG-rated film. The director said in talking with them, though, they understood he needed to be true to the story he was trying to tell. And while ultimately the film received a PG-13 rating, there is still no nudity or swearing that concerned parents need to worry about."

    I hope the rating won't drive away potential audiences. Based on the trailer I'd say it's for violence and potential scariness. That footage showed some of what I think animation is best at and that's in creating another world to get lost in for a little while. It's nice that in the last decade we've been seeing more aninmation like this get produced and released domestically.

    Release date 9/9/09.


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