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    Default CBR: CCI: Devil's Due Publishing

    Devil's Due Publishing's Comic-Con panel shared what's new for 2009 and beyond from the launch of hip hop artist Murs' "Merch Girl" to rumblings of cinematic Sheena news and "Hack/Slash" turning 25.

    Full article here.

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    Ha. Okay, just so I don;t sound like as much of a douche as I really am, my question about Megan Fox acting was actually in defense of her, and the fact that she's largely been cast in movies where she doesn't get to act. I give thee Transformers. :)

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    The Sheena vs. Jaguar Men #3 cover was the best so far from Devil's Due.
    Hope they show interior art soon.

    Sheena movie would be good news.
    If you look into why Irish McCalla was a great Sheena and the other later actresses failed. Irish was a natural leader with great beauty AND she had the symbolic leopard pattern costume. The best actress for the new Sheena movie would need the quality of someone you would follow into war.


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