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    Default CBR: CCI: Randy Queen on "Darkness/Darkchylde"

    Randy Queen and his fan favorite creation, Darkchylde, return to comics and spend some time in the Top Cow universe, bringing a new kind of darkness into the life of Jackie Estacado.

    Full article here.

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    Yyyyyyyyyyyeeeeeeeeeeeeeessssssssssssss. Been lamenting the loss of Ariel Chylde to comics for the longest time, and glad to see her back in comics. One of my favorite comic horror character have all her issues, except of course the last one, so I'm wee bit lost as to what happened in the finale.

    Two questions. Am I the only one here who would think a DarkChylde/HACK/slash crossover would be sweet ? The other, what the bleep ever happened to the DARKCHYLDE movie ? Anyone else remember this one. Two years ago Randy Queen presented two photos of a young woman in what looked the final stages of transforming back to human from some monstrous creature, and said they were from the Darkchylde flick. Mr. Queen also stated there would be a teaser for the flick just around the corner. Well, two years later, no teaser, or word one since. What happened ?


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