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    Default CBR: Creators Talk "Athena" at Dynamite

    The goddess of war and wisdom sets out for a modern day adventure, drawing on everything from the Trojan War to modern presidential politics. We spoke with writer Doug Murray and artists Paul Renaud & Fabiano Neves about "Athena."

    Full article here.

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    All designs were very inspired by the statues of Athena, of course. But we decided early on that she'd wear a new armor, made up in present time. So I tried to design something that would suggest it was made by gods today.
    Sorry, but the Athena I grew up reading about would stab anybody who tried to get her to wear that bronze thong.

    And what is the point of armor that doesn't protect you from disemboweling? I mean, sure she's a goddess and doesn't really need armor, but if she's going to wear it, she'd wear practical armor. I mean, she does on all the statues I've seen of her.

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    WOO! I'm just happy to see more Greeks in comics! haha.


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