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    Default Final Crisis: Dance...anyone else???

    finally got around to reading #2 just now...
    though, i missed the crisscross art. which fit the title just far too well, the story still played out kind of well...
    i like the modern take and cynical attempt at their management trying to integrate them into pop-culture...

    definitely a nice surprise since at first all of the post FC tie-ins seemed like throwaways to me...

    i'd love to see grant get his hands on them again, but am pretty much accepting that after this they probably get absolutely mishandled and fade into obscurity until ever few years or so, some old continuity junkie brings them out for a cameo or two...

    til then, however, i've really enjoyed the first two issues of this title and can't wait to see how this plays out...

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    read both issues now and nothing seems to really stand out for me. Maybe I dont get it but it just seems like a bunch of pop references in a comic. Im thinking of dropping this title.
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    I couldn't even make it through the first issue. The whole thing seemed kinda stupid.

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    Quite thoroughly enjoyable. It's like a sci-fi version of Buffy the Vampire Slayer seen through the lens of the Teen Titans. Except, you know, not as good as Buffy and way better than most Titans books I've seen.

    It's a strange book, but I've been enjoying it quite a bit. This and Ink were the really standout FCA titles - the first issue of Run! was blandtastic, and the first issue of Escape just didn't make sense.
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    I got the first issue, and thought that it was okay. I think that Casey did a decent job of expanding on Morrison's creations without changing them into something different. Most Excellent Superbat constantly using the Twitter account was a nice touch. Too bad nobody has been able to write a Teen Titans team this well in modern times. However, I didn't enjoy the ChrisCross artwork.
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    CrissCross is off the art after 1 issue? I haven't gotten issue 2, but if it's Joe Casey allowed to be weird and cut loose I'll take it.

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    I hated the first issue, but I loved the second issue.

    I dislike Grant Morrison's writing, but I love Joe Casey's.

    #1 felt like Joe Casey had been handed Morrison's mess, where as #2 felt like Casey had taken the mess and began to rebuild it into something better. I'm tentatively looking forward to issue #3 to see if Casey continues his work or if the book reverts back into a Morrison-y state.

    But, yeah, #2 rocked my world.

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    I'm reading it, but it's a complete waste of great characters and fertile backstory from Grant Morrison. Casey's done nothing (oh wow, corporate sponsorship and product placement - yee haw.) and the art has been subpar no matter who's doing it.


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