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    Default CBR: Allred & The Gear Close Out "Madman Atomic Comics"

    The latest Madman series is ending with a bang, a boom and a whole host of other sounds. CBR spoke with creator Mike Allred about "Madman Atomic Comics," and previewed exclusive songs from Allred's band, The Gear.

    Full article here.

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    I was a little luke warm on this issue though the lead story by Jamie S. Rich and JoŽlle Jones was pretty great. Kind of interested in where the Madman fronting a band thing will go and the Red Rocket 7 nod was great (love that book!).

    It's kind of sad that this book is going away for a while after the next issue. Hope it comes back sooner then later. Allred definitely has put a lot of love into this book and the artistic and writing experiments have been fantastic.

    And a hardcover of the Image stuff would be nice The Gargantua is getting lonely .

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    I'm a little disappointed that the Madman series is ending, if only because it's one of the few regular comics that I still pick up. Even so, this series has been fantastic, and I'm definitely on board for Madman in any incarnation it shows up in.


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