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    Default CBR: "Doom" Comes To Dynamite

    "Rex Mundi" writer Arvid Nelson preps a new series for classic Robert E. Howard
    villain Thulsa Doom, exploring the cult leader's anti-hero origins. CBR spoke with
    Nelson about "Red Sonja Presents Thulsa Doom"

    Full article here.

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    So is this indeed a miniseries, like the article says? Thought it was announced as ongoing...

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    the brief origins of Doom laid out by Howard reveal a much more savage, death-obsessed warrior often portrayed with a distinctive skull-masked appearance
    It seems you've been misinformed, to say the least.

    Robert E. Howard's Thulsa Doom (in the handful of lines he appeared in) is certainly not a "savage, death-obsessed warrior often portrayed with a distinctive skull-masked appearance". The only thing in there approaching reality is the word "skull", as Doom does appear to be a decrepit old thing with a naked skull in lieu of a head.

    From day one the current Red Sonja series and its spin-offs have been ignoring Howard's work. That would be perfectly fine if Dynamite didn't pretend it was honoring the Howard legacy and the imaginary world he set up (or the Marvel Comics equivalent of same, for that matter).

    Neither the Milius nor the Dynamite Thulsa Doom have anything to do with the original one seen in the Howard story Delcardes' cat, and for that matter neither have anything to do with the one that readers (and Red Sonja herself, the Marvel comics one) once met briefly in the pages of Conan the barbarian.

    "Tedious continuity be damned, we just want to tell good stories"? Great! Have a ball! But why pretend otherwise? Why claim to be going back to the original material?

    I'm sure this Thulsa Doom series will prove to be fun and well-crafted, if only because the creative team is quite talented. Still, I would have preferred that its promotion went along the line of "we really don't know much about R.E. Howard's work but we have exciting stories using a woman in a steel bikini and a bad guy from an Arnold Schwarzenegger movie".

    Not as catching, true, but more accurate.
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    I liked his Kull very much over at Dark Horse so I'm sure this will be good too. :)

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    I'm annoyed by the ads saying that Thulsa Doom finally comes to Dynamite.

    They've used him twice before in Red Sonja mini-series.


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