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    Default Traitor Game XXIV: A Traitor's Life For Me

    OOC: OOC: Ahoy, matey! Welcome on board the good ship Traitor Game XXIV: A Traitor's Life For Me! This be the long-awaited pirate scenario. And so we begin with the prologue to set up the situation. Do not post your prologues until I say otherwise...


    Prologue: A pirate vessel in the open ocean, late at night

    The pirate vessel known as the Jolly Roger stood silent in the ocean water. A few of the crew roamed about, tending to their duties, but they did so mostly in silence. Aside from the occasional muttering and humming of a shanty, the only sound was that of the ocean.

    All of the crew took great care to stay out of the way of their captain, the infamous James Hook. They knew how Hook would react if any of them dared to bump him. It was best to humor the hook and step aside when he walked past them.

    On this night, Hook was especially gloomy. Of his crew, only the Irish bo'sun Smee had any idea just why Hook was so troubled, but even he did not know the whole story.

    Hook had little to be cheerful about. His worthy adversary, Peter Pan, had disappeared, and thus there was no point in returning to Neverland. And while he had finally rid himself of the crocodile, it had come at such a price that he almost wished the crocodile had finished him off after all.

    What was coming for him was far worse.

    As Hook stood on the quarterdeck, gazing out to sea, a voice spoke from behind him.

    "Your time is almost up."

    The crew gasped. Davy Jones, the captain of the Flying Dutchman, had appeared aboard their ship. And the previously calm ocean beside the ship rippled and churned, and from it arose the form of another vessel. It was the Flying Dutchman, the vessel Jones was cursed to sail for eternity.

    As Hook's crew ran about aimlessly, Davy Jones stepped forward. His form twisted into a mockery of man, with squid-like tentacles hanging from his face, he approached Captain Hook intently.

    "You remember our agreement. I allow you to sail as captain of the Jolly Roger for ten years, after which you belong to me, to spend the next hundred years in my service."

    Hook raised his metal claw defiantly. "I am James Hook, captain of the Jolly Roger! I serve no master, not even Davy Jones himself!"

    "But you must not forget ... it was I who saved you after your encounter with the crocodile. I could have easily left you to drown in the remnants of a gutted animal. You owe me your soul."

    Hook's defiance faded only slightly. "You are correct. You saved my life, expecting something from me in return. To not give you anything would be bad form. However, I believe we can work out an arrangement. Suppose I were to offer you something else, aside from my service?"

    The captain of the Flying Dutchman looked Hook directly in the eye. "What is the soul of Captain James Hook worth?"

    (continued next post)

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    Prologue: Part 2

    (scene abruptly changes to a seaside tavern)


    The young woman dressed in pirate clothes listened to the stories of the sailors. "So, Captain Hook is the scurvy dog who's been pressing people into service?" she asked.

    "Aye lassie." said one old seadog. "He's the one. But I know what yer gonna say. Yer gonna try to rescue those poor souls, are ye?"

    She nodded.

    "Leave them be, lass. I know ye have a reputation for sailin' into other people's stories and givin' them happier endings, but ye can't save everyone." the old sailor said grimly.

    A younger sailor chimed in. "'E be pressgangin' the fools not for 'imself, but for Davy Jones. 'E owes his soul to Davy Jones, and figures this is the best way to pay it off."

    "I've heard of this Davy Jones, but I didn't know he sailed the waters of my world." the young woman remarked.

    "Aye, the Flying Dutchman sails the Multiversial Seas, it does." the older sailor replied. "Let me tell ye the way I heard it. And I had to part with several trips' worth of pay to get one of Hook's men to tell me this much..."

    Scene: Late night, on the Jolly Roger

    Captain Hook turned to Smee, his trusted confidant. "Smee, how much of our conversation have you been paying attention to? Can you summarize?"

    "Well, Cap'n. From what I just heard, you need a hundred souls to satisfy Davy Jones over there, or he's gonna send you down to the Locker." Smee replied nonchalantly.

    "Aye. And I intend to honor that agreement. To do otherwise would not be good form. Besides, if I fail to meet his deadline, he will send the Kraken..."

    Smee shuddered, as did the rest of the crew. After a pause, he spoke up again. "Captain, begging my pardon, but where are you going to find enough people to pay off your debt?"

    "A good question, Smee." He turned to Davy Jones. "My bo'sun raises a point. Just where am I to find a hundred souls that would, together, be equal in value to my own?"

    "That is your problem. You have three days." Davy Jones replied.

    "Perhaps I could be of assistance." an unfamiliar voice spoke.

    They turned, and saw a strange figure dressed in white robes standing near the main mast. The figure appeared human, but its robes concealed its identity completely. Even its gender could not be determined, as the voice seemed to be filtered by some means unknown.

    Of those observing the figure, only Captain Hook and Davy Jones remained calm. Many of the pirates were panicking and claiming 'It's a ghost'.

    "Who and what are you, and what are you doing on board my ship?" Captain Hook demanded of the figure.

    (continued next post)

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    Prologue, Part 3

    "Who I am really isn't all that important." the figure replied. "I am merely one of the Powers That Be behind the Traitor Games. Every once in a while, we have to intervene directly to get these things started. In this case, you need my help because none of you are capable of doing everything that's needed to get everyone on board the ship."

    "Davy Jones, you sail the Multiversial Seas, correct? You know all about them. But Hook and his crew probably don't know much about them, except how to get from the Spanish Main to Neverland and back."

    "Multiversial ... Seas?" Smee asked.

    "The Multiversial Seas is a realm between dimensions. A nexus of all realities. By sailing your ship through them, you can reach other worlds, inhabited by beings who are mere fiction in your own world." Davy Jones replied. "Of course, I doubt a simple man like you knows what it is we're talking about. But I know those waters well. I know everything about the sea. I am the sea!"

    "Anyway, Captain Hook will need to sail the Multiversial Seas to get the people needed for this." the figure continued. "I figure you can sail the Jolly Roger to the right ports, and find people you can press into service. The time-honored methods will do, be it false promises of treasure and glory, or drugging their drinks at the local pub, or just hitting them on the head and dragging them on board."

    "However, there might be a few people who might be hard to find at a seaport, but who might be needed anyway. These people may prefer to travel the skies or the stars rather than the ocean. So that's why I give you this..."

    The figure then tossed a medallion to Captain Hook. "Here. This medallion will open warp portals ... or doorways if you prefer ... directly in front of the people you wish. They'll find themselves on the deck of the Jolly Roger before you know it. And here's a list of people who might be good to use in this little game..."

    As the figure dropped a large scroll on the deck, Captain Hook had to ask. "A game?"

    "A Traitor Game, of course. Your opposition will come along soon after you've got everyone on board Captain Hook's ship. If you don't know what a Traitor Game is, I'll tell you right now..."


    "Aye, lassie. Now Hook can go anywhere he wants ... any port ... in any world ... grabbing poor souls. Three days from now, he'll re-unite with Davy Jones to deliver the souls to him." the old sailor concluded.

    "Not without a fight!" the young woman declared.

    "Ye mean to take on Captain Hook AND Davy Jones himself? Ye be daft, missy!" the younger sailor replied.

    "You may question my sanity all you like. But I cannot stand by while Captain Hook shanghais innocent sailors, and gives them to Davy Jones. I will do whatever it takes to put an end to this."

    "Really? This be no fairy tale, Pirate Kitty! If you're serious about going against Davy Jones himself, you'll need allies."

    "You'll need people brave enough..."

    "Or crazy enough..."

    "To risk being pressed into service aboard the Dutchman ... or dragged into Davy Jones' Locker."

    "Now where are you going to get such people?"

    "If Captain Hook can sail the Multiversial Seas, so can I." Pirate Kitty declared. "I believe I can find people who know these waters. And if they're looking for someone to challenge Captain Hook to this 'game', with the freedom of those captured people at stake, then I will gladly do so! I am ready for them!"

    With that, Pirate Kitty turned toward the door.

    (prologue concludes in the next note)
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    Prologue: Part 4

    Scene: The Jolly Roger, the open ocean, morning

    The meeting with Davy Jones and the mysterious white-robed figure had taken place the previous night. The white-robed figure had disappeared, saying that his/her/its services were not needed and they might not be seeing the figure again. Of course, Captain Hook knew full well the same could not be said for Davy Jones.

    Davy Jones had returned to the Flying Dutchman, which quickly departed. Hook knew that unless he wanted Davy Jones to unleash the Kraken upon him and his ship, he would have to have the promised people to give to Jones the next time they met.

    He spent most of the night yelling orders to the crew. Sailing the Multiversial Seas would be tricky, as they would be venturing into unfamiliar waters. But they had been given a map along with the list, which told them just which ports they needed to sail to, and how to get to those ports. And if all else failed, there was still the portal medallion for bringing the 'players' on board Hook's ship.

    For the first time in a long time, Hook felt a strong sense of confidence. He was not worried about this 'Traitor Game'. Let a challenger come, he thought to himself. If someone were to play a game with him, with the fate of those captured at stake, it would make this whole thing all the more interesting.

    Indeed, Hook was looking forward to the day ahead.

    OOC: And that concludes the prologue. Just to clarify, Pirate Kitty's portion of the prologue is actually taking place DURING your character's prologues. She'll catch up with Captain Hook after most of or all of your prologues are complete.

    Oh, and just to review, here are the suggested means for getting your characters on board Captain Hook's ship (as opposed to the usual 'world went white').

    1. An agent (not a member of Hook's crew, but someone he's hired nonetheless) approaches your character asking them to join the crew of the Jolly Roger, promising riches and glory.

    2. Your character's just minding his or her own business when they get hit on the head from behind and wake up on board a pirate ship... (a time-honored means of pressing people into service).

    3. Your character's having a drink at a seaside tavern, and then they fall asleep due to a drug placed in their drink. They then wake up on board a pirate ship (another time-honored means of pressing people into service).

    4. Your character receives a message via carrier pigeon (one of Hook's crew has trained pigeons to deliver messages) making promises of wealth and adventure if they sail aboard the Jolly Roger.

    5. Your character falls through a portal that somehow opened near them, and lands on the deck of Hook's pirate ship. This has been explained in Hook's prologue (it's good for those characters like air pirates and space pirates who don't usually hang around sea ports or would be too hard to get on board with the other four methods).

    But aside from that, have fun with your prologues and feel free to establish just what your character was doing before he/she got involved in this Traitor Game.

    Cast list to follow in the next note, and then you can start posting your prologues...
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    Those pressed into service (i.e. the players)

    Radioactive Zombie .... Nathan Zachary (Crimson Skies series)
    DoctorDoom ... Samus Aran (Metroid video game series)
    Donald M. ... Guybrush Threepwood with Murray the Talking Skull (Monkey Island)
    Schornforce ... Long John Silverstein with Eric the parrot (Muppets)
    Ben Morgan ... Steve the Pirate (Dodgeball)
    Yun Lao ... Mako Tsunami with Joey Wheeler (Yu-Gi-Oh the Abridged Series)
    Jeremi ... Balthier with Fran (Final Fantasy XII)
    Cthulhudrew ... Hugh Jackman/Pirate King (Pirates of Penzance)
    Deadpooligan ... Aquaman (Batman: Brave and the Bold)
    Josh M ... Devil Ray (JLU)
    Elegance Liberty ... Samurai Goroh (F-Zero)
    OverMaster ... Ryoko Hakubi (Tenchi)
    Tommy ... Eris (Sinbad ... some version or another)
    Indigo Al ... Alternate world Adam Ant
    Lord of Nonsensical Crap ... Dread Pirate Roberts (Princess Bride)
    skullboy001 ... Link (Legend of Zelda ???)
    Joe Acro ... Patrick Star (with bubble helmet) and Sandy Cheeks (SpongeBob Squarepants)
    The Purple Skull ... Don Karnage (Talespin) and Fat Cat (Chip N Dale's Rescue Rangers)
    KingofPie ... Kratos (God of War)
    KJS1982 ... Jack Sparrow (Pirates of the Carribean)
    moonknight11 ... Wander (Shadow of the Colossus)
    Sound Silence ... Marshall D. Teach (One Piece)
    Kevin M. ... Portgas D. Ace (One Piece)
    Froggy ... Sea-Man (South Park)
    tangentman ... Xena (Xena: Warrior Princess)
    Superheroic ... Mercer Drake (Negation)

    And now, it's time to let the game begin...

    Remember what I said about not posting until I say otherwise? Well...


    You can start posting your prologues now. Game now underway!

    OOC: For those who came in late or need a refresher, here's some further exposition:

    Pirate Kitty arrives
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    Sea-man was shouting at the sky "It's SEA MAN NOT semen! I swear one of these days i'm going t-where am I?"
    they label me a villain cause of how I express my feelings

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    While walking home, Steve the Pirate gets hit in the head, and ends up aboard the ship, wondering what happened when he saw Sea-Man. Steve ran up to Sea-Man, pressing him against a wall

    "Yar! Who goes there?"
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    "Where-where am I?" Devil Ray asked.


    "Freeze!" This is the Police!""Drop the money!" your under ar-."

    Before the cop could finish, Devil Ray punched the young man in the face, shattering his nose."

    "You call yourself a cop?" Devil Ray Jokely asks. His Victim. He then Deliverd a kick to his enemy's head.

    "Your not going to get away with this!" The cop says, blood running out of his mouth, then pulling out his gun, about to shot the devil.

    Quickly, Devil Ray grabs the gun and pulls it out of the young officer's hands. "This is the end for you, see you in another life." Then shooting the young man in the head.

    "That was an easy Job." Devil says to himself, wipping the blood of his suit. "Maybe Next time they'll just have the money waiting for me."

    Suddenly, a sharp pain in his neck came over him, his eye became weak, then closed."


    "Can someone please tell me where I'm at!"
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    Eris leaned back against the bar, her hands hanging down. She was surrounded by gods, all of them hanging upon her every word.

    “No, no, no, no,” she said, laughing coyly. Her hair floated and flowed around her head. “It was all a test.”

    “You,” Balder asked, “you stole magic, unleashed monsters, instigated a civil war… just to test one man’s virtue?”


    Two hands shoved the various gods aside, and Eris faced a woman after her own heart.

    “Ava Moore,”
    Eris said, feeling things might be getting interesting. “What brings you to Neopolis?”

    “I was looking for you,” Ava said, smiling cruelly. “How would you like to play a game?”

    “What kind of game could possibly interest me?”

    “A special game, one with as much death and destruction and chaos as you could ever hope to see.”

    Eris only considered for a second…

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    One day, while walking through Koriki forrest, trying to find the Leaf medallion, a young hero rose.

    Suddenly, a odd looking skullkid wearing what was once known as the Majora mask, an artifact thought to have been destroyed in ages ago, appeared out of thin air.

    Skullkid: Well, well, well! What's wrong little boy, are you lost? Hungry? Want to go home? No one enters the forest and gets out...Trust me, I know...

    Link: ...

    Skullkid: OH!!! The Medallion! Why didn't you say so, pointy ears! I know where you can find it...Just follow me! HeheheheheHEHEHEHEH!!!!

    The scenary disappears as it's replaced with that of a boat...

    Link: Hyah hi ahah HA!
    (Translation: Where am I? Answer me or I shall shoot you like Cucoos!)

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    "Finally! The end of the gods is at hand!" A man, whose skin was cloaked in white ash, forever haunted by the sins of his past stood atop a giant's back. A titan's back! As they slowly scaled Mount Olympus to defeat the gods that humiliated them once and for all!

    "Zeus!!! It is time for you to-"

    And suddenly...Like a flash of bright lightning a portal ripped open in front of the man. Three strange figure he had never seen before had walked before him.

    "Slag it to the pit! We've landed in the wrong..universe. AGAIN! Next time, I decide how we leave the traitor game insect!"

    "Errr...Don't go blaming Wazzzpinator! Wazzpinator not know portal would lead to such a strange place!"

    In an equally bright flash of light, another portal opens before the strange metallic creatures.

    "Quiet, fool! Jazz sees our version of Earth up ahead let's hop through!"

    "Speak now!"the man yelled, half in bewilderment. "What are you strange creatures!?"

    "Out of my way, fleshbag," the giant mettalic creature stated, shoving the man back through the portal he had just exited from.

    "Oof!" the man grunted as he was shoved through the portal, landing on some strange wooden surface.

    Little did he know it, but this would be the beginning of a new adventure for Kratos. The Ghost of Sparta. Former God of War.

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    Teach held tight to his raft as it bounced violently about the waves. He was lost somewhere on the Grand Line, with no way to get his bearings but to keep sailing on.

    Thunder rumbled all around him, lightning in a variety of colors peppered the horizon as he grinned at the storm. Massive torrents of water slithered through the sky like serpents before being caught by a whirlwind and spiralling into the clouds. This was the Grand Line, after all, and strange weather was nothing to bat an eye about.

    The water bubbled beneath his, and exploded into a massive upward torrent, sending his craft tumbling wildly into the sky.

    "No! My rum!" Blackbeard reached out in vain, trying to suck to the bottle back to him, but getting only a handful of seawater. A particularly strong whirlwind caught a hold of him and spun him around furiously, and his vision became a dizzying field of jagged lightning flashes and splotches of cloud. Reaching out with his powers, he managed to draw his raft to him and grab a hold of it, just as it crashed to the seas. Teach shook his head and looked around. The storm had cleared, the seas were calm, and there was a ship not far off.

    "Ah...Maybe these sailors have a compass I can use! Zehahaha!" He waved at the ship. "Ahoy!"

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    Quote Originally Posted by Arr? View Post
    While walking home, Steve the Pirate gets hit in the head, and ends up aboard the ship, wondering what happened when he saw Sea-Man. Steve ran up to Sea-Man, pressing him against a wall

    "Yar! Who goes there?"
    "Who In the hell are you?" "One of those Free credit report .com people?"
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    Onboard the Jolly Roger, a newly arrived pirate swaggers onboard.



    *SQUAWK!* "Wants in!"



    I just said that!"

    "Well, EXCUSE ME for trying to be supportive! I don't know why you always act like this when we're on vacation..."

    "Not now, Eric! We'll discuss it later!"

    "Oh, SURE... later... when you want to... it's just *my* feelings, after all..."

    "Look, I *promise* we'll discuss it, but I'm trying to work here!"


    Just don't screw everything up again."

    "How'd you like to be considered a 'parrot no more'?!"

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    "Pirating Patrick Cheeks"

    "Look at Bikini Bottem. What a cold, windy day.

    "Oh, what is zis? It seems zat Spongebob, Patrick, and Sandy ahve found a way to still ahve fun..."

    Spongebob: "My, Sandy, that was some loooove-ly lemonade!"

    Patrick: "Yeah! More!"

    Sandy: "Heheh! Okay, Patrick! Hold still!"

    Sandy takes hold of the bowl of water on Patrick's head. She starts to pour the lemonade in.

    Suddenly, a portal opens beneath them, and Sandy and Patrick fall through. The portal closes instantly.

    Patrick lands on a ship, but does not seem phased.

    Back at the treedome, Spongebob looks around confused. "Sandy? Patrick? Where'd you guys go?"

    OOC: Where Sandy is will be explained later, but rest assured she is closer than you think! Patrick's initial reaction to come later!
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