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    Default CBR: Krueger & Klauba Talk Project Superpowers 2

    With an all-new epic launching in June, "Project Superpowers" writer Jim Krueger
    and origins painter Doug Klauba tell CBR tales of the past and future of
    Dynamite's new superhero universe.

    Full article here.

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    Great interview. I was a bit underwhelmed by Chapter I but I think that it was because there was so much they had to do. The solo series have been good & I have liked reading what is planned for Chapter 2. I especially like that they are keeping the price at $3 an issue for the entire series!

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    Looks like with all these origin stories, we will finally get some of the answers we were looking for in Volume 1.

    Ross and Kruger really have some great ideas for this universe of theirs. I liked the group of patriotic heroes tangling with Black Terror over in his solo and I love the idea of the sidekicks returning as the foils to the Superpowers in Volume 2.

    Actually kind of excited for Volume 3 now, too, with that little teaser about the supernatural aspects of this world being the focus.

    Oh, and this double-cover spread is really nice.

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