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    Default CBR: Jeph Loeb on "Superman/Batman" Animated Film

    Superstar writer Jeph Loeb talks for the first time about the "Public Enemies" arc of his and Ed McGuinness' bestselling "Superman/Batman" run being made into a Warner Bros. animated feature.

    Full article here.
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    Very nice Q & A. I'll have to go back and re-read that arc. I remember enjoying it quite a bit. I don't watch the show anymore, but wasn't he recently invited to exit Heroes?

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    .....I've heard Loeb do interviews before, but this one sounded like it was conducted as he was running from gate to gate at an airport. Basic and very brief.

    Quote Originally Posted by AirDave View Post
    I don't watch the show anymore, but wasn't he recently invited to exit Heroes?
    Yeah. It's one of those professional formalities where they they let him leave the show on his own accord, even though everyone knew he was gonna get canned if he didn't.

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    Superman Batman: Public Enemies is a great idea for an animated film, and if it works well on video sales, I hope they also do the follow-up, Superman Batman: Supergirl

    I would also like to see a JSA animated feature with all the original classics, Alan Scott the Green Lantern, Jay Garrick the Flash, Al Pratt the Atom, Wesley Dodds the Sandman, Rex Tyler the Hourman, Jim Corrigan the Spectre, Kent Nelson Dr Fate, and Carter Hall the Hawkman, but also later on Johnny Thunder with this mysterious Thunderbolt Yz protecting him, Dr Charles McNider the Doctor Mid-Nite, Ted Grant the Wildcat, Ted Knight the Starman, Terry Sloane Mister Terrific, Dinah Drake the Black Canary, Sylvester Pemberton the Star-Spangled Kid, Shiera Sanders Hawkgirl, all possibly in the dark edgy scary style of Sandman Mystery Theatre.

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    But, Iím a huge Bruce Timm [Executive Producer] fan, as he knows since I dog him at conventions, and Iím sure heís going to make it even better than the comic.
    It won't take much work, I'm sure.

    Don't get me wrong, Public Enemies is entertaining mindless fun, but it's also a rather dumb story. Then again, Timm made a good movie of the similary shallow Doomsday story, so I have faith on this.

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    Kevin Conroy is a must!! They should have sat Christian Bale down and made him watch the animated series......sorry,that's a rant for another thread.

    I think that arc will make a cool cartoon. No one does Batman better than Bruce Timm!

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    If it's going to be in Ed's broad, cartoony style, I'd like to see Diedrich Bader get a crack at it. His Bats on The Brave and the Bold (title sounds like a soap opera) is great.

    As for Supes, the only guy I'd want back would be Tim Daly. If the couldn't get him, I'd rather just see (hear) somebody new.

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    I'm really looking forward to this! I read the collected edition a few months back, and loved it!

    Superman and Batman vs. the World!

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    Jeph Loeb?

    NOoooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo ooooooooo!!!!

    It's not true

    It's Impossible.....................


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