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    Default CBR: Tim Leong on Comic Foundry's End

    CBR News talks to Tim Leong and Laura Hudson about bringing their short-lived
    but beloved comics lifestyle magazine to a close, and what if any effect the
    international economic crisis had on "Comic Foundry."

    Full article here.

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    Default Sounds like just the kind of magazine I'd love to read

    too bad I hadn't heard about before 10 minutes ago.
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    Default It is too bad.

    Comics Foundry presented something that was sorely missing from our stands. I'm sad to see it go as a reader, will feel the financial loss of those sales as a publisher, but am proud to have moved so many copies as a comics evangelist.

    Though, any magazine that used Matt Fraction as a cover model deserves what it got.

    Good luck Tim and Laura. Thanks for giving us a spot on our mag racks to be proud of.

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    The comics industry needs something like Comic Foundry. There is now a void. Someone should fill it.

    Aspiring, self-motivated people -- take the hint!

    I carry Wizard, Comic Book, Resources, and The Comics Journal... people buy Wizard, but they're unhappy with it. There is a massive gap that NEEDS to be filled. Get to it!


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