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    Default CBR: WHO PLAYS THE WATCHMEN? Billy Crudup & Matthew Goode

    “Watchmen’s” Billy Crudup and Matthew Goode talk with CBR News about the
    challenges in playing the film’s prime movers, Doctor Manhattan and

    Full article here.

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    Up 'til now everything about this movie seemed great, but.....
    To base the assumption, that Ozymandias is gay on what Rorschach writes in his diary, that is so stupid!!!!
    Is Veidt gay, or not, I don't know. He seemed not like a very sexual person to me.
    Would it matter wether he was gay or not? Probably not, I wouldn't care wether yes or no. But it shouldn't be based on what Rorschach writes in his diary, because frankly (as cool a character as he is) Rorschach is stark raving bonkers.
    Hell, if Moore won't talk with Snyder, he could always ask Dave Gibbons, he'd probably know.
    It seems to me like that is suppossed to make him more like a villain, especially if you add the german accent.
    Let's face it there are many people in america, who still have a problem with other people, based on their sexual preferation and a german villain is textbook for Hollywood and Comicbooks per se.
    In the GN it depends on everybodies own morality and ethos wether you consider Veidt a "villain" or not, and the movie should follow this principle.
    It's like: "Oh, lets make him gay and he should have a file named boys on his computer, so the right wing won't like him." and "Oh yeah and let's make him a german, with nazi-parents so the leftwinged liberals won't like him."
    I could be wrong, I hope I am, but it doesn't really matter, because Rorschach's diary is still a stupid reason to decide wether Veidt is gay or not.


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