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    Default CBR: BEHIND THE ECLIPSE: Week 15

    In this weeks BEHIND THE ECLIPSE, we take a look at “Building 26,” talk about
    the identity of Rebel, find out who will be playing Bob, and answer your
    "Heroes" questions with writers Aron Coliete and Joe Pokaski.

    Full article here.

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    Claire will have this talk in the last chapter of Fugitives. With the only person alive who can relate. Yes. Him.
    I imagine Sylar doesn't give a shit (like me).

    Living forever, getting to see every manmade spectacle and marvel to come is something that would be completely liberating.

    Losing family sucks and I guess Claire's not built emotionally for that type of life but I'd do nearly anything to have it.
    I'm beginning to think that Hell is a comic book forum.


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    I kinda hope Adam will come back.

    I would like if they mentioned Isaac, Niki and/or Simone on the show. They were very important characters in Season 1 (and Niki in S2) and it seems they were burried and forgotten.


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