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    Default CBR: NYCC: Comics for the iPhone and the Big Small Screen

    Comicraft founder and "Elephantmen" creator Richard Starkings and members of
    team UCLICK met with attendees of last weekend's New York Comic Con to
    discuss their comic book solutions for the iPhone.

    Full article here.

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    Default alternatives

    So it seems that digital comic distribution is taking off on the iPhone faster than on the computer. Already we have what looks to be two solid competitiors in the market, with two different products (uClick and iVerse).

    Regardless of the comic-reading software, I am willing to bet that the format victor will be the one that can snag the biggest selling comic titles. Currently, iVerse is selling some titles I recogzined from the comic shelves like Flash Gordon, the critically acclaimed Atomic Robo, and some Image Comics like Proof.

    Of course, Starking's own Hipflask is an Image book, and Bone is one of the most significant independant comics of all time (not to mention one of my personal favorites). So it will be interesting to see where this all goes. Hopefully to the desktop.


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