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    Default sketch update.. THE AVENGERS.. 2.11.09

    I was going through some older pieces and came across this nice take on my 3 favorite Avengers... You know, over the years Marvel and added new members and had others walk away. To me the Avengers will always be these 3 here... The Vision and the Scarlet Witch are my next two... Poor Hank Pym.. He gets no love, even though he was a founding member.
    anyway.. sometimes if fun to dig out the older pieces and share!

    I hope too see everyone at Wondercon is a few weeks... I'll have a few new originals on hand as well for those who want to see the originals in person!

    be good y'all!

    S T U A R T
    S A Y G E R

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    Its gorgeous! Thanks for posting it.

    Check out my artwork here: Thirteenth Story Art

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    Default it!


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