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    Default CBR: NYCC: Cryptic Studios Star Trek / Champions Online Panel

    The development team at Cryptic Studios talked about their two upcoming MMO's, “Champions Online” and “Star Trek Online,” at Saturday's New York Comic Con panel.

    Full article here.

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    I can't wait for Champions Online. The more I heard about the more interested I become. After being so disappointed with recent MMOs I really shouldn't be this excited however City of Heroes and City of Villains were well done game(s) that I really enjoyed. Cryptic has more then proven itself so I don't have any issues with trusting them to deliver another great game. I'm actually thinking of reupping with the game just get a superhero fix until Champions comes out. Already installed and updated it. Guess I'll decide when I get home tonight.

    It being released on the PC and Xbox 360 makes this even better as I can finally move my MMO playing off of my PC for good. I just hope this doesn't get overshadowed by DC Online due to DC being more well known of a universe.

    I'm curious as to how big Millennium City will be. What some don't or didn't realize is that City of Heroes really did take place in one huge city (Paragon City) but each section was it's own borough or neighborhood and even within those zones they were still broken up into different sections. Here is a link to the break down of Paragon City.

    If they follow this same model but also include perhaps more then one city and even areas outside of that then the game world should be huge. I just hope they include things they included in City of Heroes/Villains. Such as tons of normal civilians walking around going about their business. I think you were able to follow these npcs across the city as they enter different buildings or come out of them. Also when you did something or break certain enemies they'd talk as you walked by about what they heard you did or thank you when you saved them from something or some on. Small touches made the world feel alive. I hope Cryptic remembers to include all of that.


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