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    Default CBR: NYCC REVIEW: "Wonder Woman"

    CBR News was NYCC at the screening as Diana Prince made her stunning solo animated feature debut in "Wonder Woman," the latest DC Universe animated film starring the voices of Keri Russell, Nathan Fillion and Alfred Molina!

    Full article here.

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    Her. Name. Is. Not. Diana. Prince.
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    Just a small point: this is NOT Wonder woman's first movie. She starred in a TV movie/pilot for the TV series- that starred blonde actress Cathy Lee Crosby as Wonder Woman (!?) This utterly obscure film (which really has *nothing* to do with the comics except the character's name - WW is a secret agent here!) is only worth watching for having recently-deceased Ricardo Montalban as the villain (Khaaaan!!)

    Another ironic point: Darna, a Filipino superheroine who is based on Wonder Woman (and is almost as old- she was created in 1947) not only has been featured in more than one live action series, but even in movies!


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