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    Default CBR: Executive Producer Jay Firestone on "XIII"

    Political thriller “XIII” comes to U.S. TV in February, adapted from the Belgian
    comics by Jean Van Hamme & William Vance's. We spoke with producer Jay
    Firestone about the four-hour event starring Val Kilmer & Stephen Dorff.

    Full article here.

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    Saw it, wasn't impressed at all. Shallow and uninspired, which some say was due to the insistence of the American producers to focus more on the action and less on the conspiracy plot.

    Doesn't do justice to the comic and is much weaker than any of the Bourne films.

    Still, if you can't or won't read the comic, watch the film, but keep in mind that it only scratches the surface. Maybe I'm too harsh on the film because I've read the comic. So watch it and decide for yourselves. If you're not familiar with the comic you might like the film, who knows?

    The comic (in 19 parts) is great till about #12 and pretty good for the remaining issues. The story about the true identity of XIII is much, much better developed and had me wondering till the end.

    As for the film, even though I like Val Kilmer as an actor, he's simply not suitable to play the Mongoose. Read the comic and you'll see why - and I'm not only talking physical appearance. The first three parts are translated in English (published by Marvel, if I'm not mistaken).

    If the film helps for the translation of the remaining parts of the comic, that'll be a very good thing. The comic deserves to be known by the English-speaking public.
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