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    Default CBR: Webcomics To Watch: Tycho on "Penny Arcade"

    Jerry Holkins a.k.a. Tycho talks to CBR News about his and Mike Krahulik's
    superlative webcomics series "Penny Arcade," the Penny Arcade Expo, New York
    Comic Con and more.

    Full article here.

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    It's probably just a case of me being overly picky about a nicely alliterative headline, but calling Penny Arcade a "webcomic to watch" seems odd. They're one of the biggest (if not the biggest) webcomics out there.

    It's like talking about that up-and-coming new publisher "Marvel." Have you heard of them? They're gonna really hit the big time this year!
    Expletive Deleted

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    Hey Expletive. Don't read too much into title. I didn't mean to imply anywhere that all the subjects would necessarily be titles no one has heard of -- just that in the scheme of 2009 they're significant, which I think is easy to agree on. It is a mixed list, though, as you'll see as it goes on, and I think the next pick may be more up your alley.

    The basic line of thinking here was that 2009 is an important year for seeing what happens in webcomics, and since PA is headlining a major national comic book convention, that puts them in a uniquely accomplished place in that scheme. So it seemed to make sense to include them on the rundown.


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