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    Default CBR: Permanent Damage - Jan 14, 2009

    Looking backwards with The Superhero and the New Traditionalist; the view from the Consumer Electronics Show; and gobs of notes, including Jules Feiffer sighting, who meets who?, the Christian Science Monitor on comics, 24 returns and more.

    Full article here.

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    Thumbs up Putting Context Into Perspective

    Great column.
    After reading the response to Bill Willingham's editorial, my question is this - what is the next evolutionary stage of the (super)hero?

    Is there really no way to make Superman fresh any more? I know I'm worn out of seeing him pitted against Lex Luthor. What is it? Seven seasons on Smallville and three or four movies - not to mention the countless confrontations in the comics. I know this is stating the obvious, but there are tons of other characters that can be used and explored. Why is the only super power he has super strength? Any moron can punch or lift something. He comes from an alien world and he's portrayed as a thick-skulled, slow-witted, naive, simple-minded bone-head. Optimism is one thing. Trust is a good thing. I think it's time to ditch the naivete. Small-town farm life should have taught him somewhere along the way that not everybody is nice and trustworthy. He should have learned that.

    Anyway, so, where do we go from here?

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    Hey Steven, I've got to second your emotion (or lack of) about Damages. I never caught the first season, but I tuned in for the debut last week.

    Good cast, though Rose Byrne really needs to eat a sandwich or two and I can't tell if Glenn Close's face has too much makeup or Botox, but she looks like she's wearing a mask.

    Always good to see William Hurt, but overall, I came away with a "meh."

    I've been looking for something on television to fill that hole in my viewing life that the end of The Shield left. I'm still looking.
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    Glenn Close always looks like she's wearing a mask, doesn't she?

    I think Rose Byrne looks okay, but it's been years since I've seen her in anything and I remember her less round in the face. (A little.) DAMAGES was obviously intended to be a replacement for THE SHIELD and has that same sort of vacuum where a moral core should be. Except THE SHIELD actually had a moral core, however impotent against Vic Mackey's ravages it/they (Claudette, Corrine, Dutch, sporadically Aceveda, and even to some extent Vic) were. DAMAGES has nothing even remotely resembling a moral core, though I get the idea a far more naive Rose Byrne filled that role last year. I'm not even especially fixated on the idea of a moral core, but I at least like to see a character trying to find their moral core. The only character last week who remotely fit that role was Ted Danson.

    I get the feeling that the Olyphant character is working for the old fart hatchetman to get close to Byrne and see how much potential threat she is (pretty certain he's the one she shoots off camera at the episode's end), and William Hurt was who killed his wife after all.

    I'm watching one more episode, just to be sure, but I'm not very enthusiastic about it...

    - Grant

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    I watched the launch of the first season, and felt "meh" too. It tried for "dark" and "edgy", but failed to achieve "interesting."


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