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    Default CBR: Re-Reading Watchmen: Issue #3

    In anticipation of the film adaptation of "Watchmen," award-winning retailers Carr
    D’Angelo & Atom! Freeman re-read and provide commentary on the Alan Moore
    & Dave Gibbons classic, this week with chapter three.

    Full article here.

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    Default Something you may have missed (spoiler!)

    ... Is not the end-of-the-world guy Walter Kovacs ?

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    ^ At the risk of spoiling a 20 year old story ... yes.

    More spoilers follow:

    ... the hero of the Black Freighter comic book does seem like an extension of the Comedian. He's a guy who has been through hell and seen the horrors. The difference is that Pirate-Man lives to tell the tale. And later, his plight mirrors Dr. Manhattans.
    IMO the last issue makes it clear that the most relevant parallel is Ozymandias. Both are characters whose good intentions have led them to commit unspeakable acts. Ozymandias even references the final panels of the comic: "I dream, about swimming towards a hideous..."


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