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    Default CBR: TRINGENUITY 28: "Trinity" Commentary

    Welcome to Happy Harbor, Rhode Island, where Alfred and his friends discover a
    powerful link to the Trinity, but with Morgaine Le Fey building an army, can the
    world be saved in time? Justin and Brian take a look at "Trinity" #28.

    Full article here.

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    >> The headquarters was used by the JLA, Young Justice (hence all the pizza boxes)>>

    The pizza boxes, like the brassiere, have nothing to do with Young Justice. Aside from there being no Young Justice in the revised timeline, the cave the JLA (and others) used as an HQ has its entrance down at beach level. Presumably, they hollowed out the mountain and joined up with this cave, but in this timeline, that never happened.

    >> And at the end of the ritual, the companions have been transported to another time.>>

    No, they're not in another time.

    >> BE: Tomorrow Woman has been sliced and diced by TVM (who just wanted to send her to the mall.) Why do I have the feeling that no one knew that she was an android, including her?
    >> JE: Perhaps, before this world started to reset itself, she wasn't.>>

    If you'll take a closer look at that shot, you'll see that some of those slices are mechanical, some are biological.

    Glad you're enjoying it!



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