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    Default CBR: TRINGENUITY 27: Trinity Commentary

    While the JSI does battle, the Troika completes their evil union. But what does that
    mean for the being known as Konvikt? Justin and Brian examine last week’s
    “Trinity,” which also reintroduces Morgaine’s minions, The Dreambound.

    Full article here.

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    These commentaries are fun to read, and my only way of reading Trinity for now. It's interesting to see what happens with the trinity missing, and the parts with Morgaine, and Enigma. I really like the parts though that have Despero, Kanjar Ro, and Krona the most though. I wonder if it'll be everyone against Krona towards the end of the series?

    I remember reading that Scott McDaniel did the design for Sun-Chained-In-Ink, and was wondering if he really did? Also really love this design for Krona, did McDaniel design it too?


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