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    Default CBR: J. Michael Straczynski: Origin of a Writer

    "Babylon 5" creator and "Changeling" writer J. Michael Straczynski spoke at
    Screenwriter’s Expo last Friday about his beginnings as a writer, his recent
    transition into feature films, and the benefits of the comic book format.

    Full article here.

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    That was a great read. I love JMS.
    "With Great Power...Comes Great Responsibility."

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    JMS is an amazing writer. I really wish I could've watched "Changeling" in theatres but the funds were just not there. I'll follow this guy on anything now and I'm sure I'll never quit being mad at Marvel for how they handled "Amazing Spider-Man". That was the best Spidey run I've ever read and the "Back in Black" storyline was one of the best storylines I've read ever. Seeing Spidey beat the crap out of Kingpin pumped me up SO much. All the best with you future projects, JMS... I can't wait for "Forgotten Planet"!

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    Thanks for the article link, very interesting.
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