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    Default CBR: FINAL CRISIS FLASHBACK: Trickster

    One of The Flash's most classic foes, The Trickster has existed in two
    incarnations, both of whom have had quite a ride in events connected with DC
    Comics' epic "Final Crisis." We look at the characters' origins.

    Full article here.

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    I loved James' role in Underworld Unleashed.
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    During the period in which James Jesse was employed by the FBI, Axel broke into the Jessesí storage unit and stole the famous Airwalker Shoes, a costume and some of his gadgets. By the next day, the new Trickster had already battled Wally West (The Flash III). This was enough to earn him a spot with the New Rogues, a group composed of members of the Secret Society -- itself a larger group organized by the supremely villainous Libra, who wanted the original Rogues dead for refusing to join him. During a battle between the New Rogues and the originals, James Jesse defeated Axel, recovered his equipment and forbade Walker from using the Trickster identity again.

    Hate to be the one to tear someone else work down but the above section is entirely wrong.

    Axel joined the Rogues, way before the New Rogues, Gotham Underworld, and even before Identity Crisis. The events of Identity Crisis, coupled with some other events in the pages of The Flash, such as the FBI deciding to take the rogues down once and for all, led to a battle between the reformed rogues led by Jesse and the Rogues led by Captain Cold and containing Axel. During the fight the Top, recently freed from a spell that messed with his mind, turned some of the rogues evil again such as Jesse. At that time Jesse walloped Axel and told him if he ever tried being the Trickster again he would find him.

    After Jesse's death in Countdown and the Rogues being sent to the prison planet in Salvation Run Axel picked up the costume again and became Trickster with his own gang of Trickster-themed henchmen. When the Rogues returned they wiped them out and brought Axel back into the fold. THAT is when the New Rogues showed up and got massacred by the real Rogues.

    Axel was never a member of the New Rogues.
    Axel was never a member of the Secrety Society under Libra.
    James Jesse was dead when Final Crisis started.

    Ok... now that I had my nerd moment I feel better.


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