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    Default CBR: Baltimore: DC Nation Panel

    At today’s DC National Panel at the Baltimore Comic-Con, Dan Didio brought Palmiotti, Gates, Robinson, Mckeever and Sattler to talk “Final Crisis” and numerous other projects.

    Full article here.

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    Freddy Freeman and Batwoman will both be on this team.
    About bloody time!

    There are no immediate plans for another Suicide Squad series
    That's unfortunate :(

    There is a weekly book planned after “Trinity.” It doesn’t run a full year, but there’s another to follow that has the potential to be open-ended.
    I was wondering when they would do this. While I loved 52 and the end of Countdown to Final Crisis (which amazingly enough can be read without reading the earlier ones as NOTHING HAPPENS in them), I didn't like Trinity (not a fan of the writer unfortunately). Hopefully I'll enjoy this one more.

    A bit unfortunate that after reading a DC Nation all I'm interested in is 1 title mentioned. Although it seems to be the way of things at DC at the moment :( I'm much more interested at what's happening over at Marvel.

    I had to drop a lot of books due to events or money issues, however with the events coming to an end I'm picking them back up, along with a lot of new books. In September I tried out (although have yet to read them due to shipping snafu) 1 DC, 1 Marvel, however come October I'm trying 2 DC, 4 Marvel. In November it gets worse with with 1 DC, 4 Marvel. Finally in December I'm trying 1 Marvel and none from DC.

    I want to read more DC, but they're just not producing as many new titles as Marvel that I find interesting.

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    I don't have any interest in DC's plans for either Justice League book. Wake me up when there is one JL book with Hal, Barry, Arthur, J'onn, Ray etc. My budget for comics only gets tighter as the economy worsens (and it is fixing to get a lot worse) so I have no problem waiting 100 years for that to happen either.

    I am absolutely psyched for the Super and GL books and Flash Rebirth. I look forward to most of what might be coming to the Bat books but the rest of the DCU product hasn't thrilled me so much and none of the announced plans (so far) have me interested either.

    I think DC needs a big creative overhaul for most of their non top tier books. It's time for some new writers and new vision for the mid and lower level books.
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    I thought it was a good panel, though there weren't too many surprises.

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    Interesting news about Hawkman set to make an appearance in JLA in the future (was mentioned in Newsarama's report). I thought it might be a typo, but sure enough Dwayne McDuffie was kind enough to confirm it as true for me over on DC's boards. The plot thickens.
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