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    Default CBR: Wowio Creators Blow Whistle on Late Payments

    In the wake of its acquisition by Platinum Studios, digital comic and e-book
    distributor Wowio owes many creators back payments for Q2 of 2008, and CBR
    News spoke to some of the disgruntled.

    Full article here.

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    That's too bad. I stopped using Wowio at all when I found that the formerly free comics and other books now cost to download. I don't have much interest in using the online viewing thing. Previously, I was there every couple of days looking at things and downloading the few that interested me.

    I just ran across this from The Dreamer:

    I just wanted to let everyone know that I decided to pull The Dreamer from WOWIO. They were recently bought out by Platinum Studios, and when that happened, their policies changed. I was excited at first because they took WOWIO global. But they also changed the free download policy, and Dakuwaka had to start charging for downloads. Needless to say the number of downloads dropped dramatically when that happened. There are other changes which made me uncomfortable.

    I’ll have Mike pull the WOWIO links from our downloads section soon because they don’t work anymore.

    Mike Penny and Dakuwaka were absolutely great to work with, and always totally sweet to me, and I’m sorry to have to stop working with them.
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    Chief Operating Officer, Brian Altounian lied this morning to investors on a financial forum, and poo-pooed the facts about Wowio and owing creators money. Here's my blog post and links:

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    Default I'm getting...

    ...fIashbacks from the demise of Crossgen here!

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    I fully expect within a year to see a press release to the effect of "Platinum Announces Shuttering of Wowio, Payments Not Forthcoming"

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    I have zero sympathy for companies that don't pay their employees.

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    Default wowio

    Does WOWIO have any competitors? Have there been any other sites set up under a similar structure? I'd sure be interested if there were.


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