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    Default CCI: Devil's Due Announces Partnership with Humanoids

    John Cassaday and Guy Davis comics kick off Devil's Due's pamphlet-driven presentation of Les Humanoides Associes' acclaimed European comics at Comic-Con.

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    I love Humanoids. Re-reading Indigo Prime right now.

    The quality if the work sells itself, but if Devil's Due and some marquee talent are willing to put their names on the books to get people involved, I guess I'm all for it.

    And Chuck Austen finally has more work. I know he's been doing other indy gigs, but it's weird whenever his name is mentioned anymore.
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    Great news. And it sounds like they're being careful and smart about this. I hope it goes well. I've heard I Am Legion is great so I will definitely check that out, at the very least.


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