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    Default WW Chicago: DCU: Crisis is Here!

    Dan Didio opened the Saturday Crisis panel with some kind words about the late Michael Turner before turning to DC news, including info on various "Final Crisis" ancillary titles, some "Kingdom Come" one-shots and much more.

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    Default Why so little info ?

    There's practically no info here about Final Crisis.

    I would think DC would pump it up a little bit esp with the lackluster reviews of # 1.
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    "DiDio carefully said 'an old member makes contact with the team and brings along somebody who's a match for the rest of the team.'"

    "Contact"? "Match"? Ugh. I was hoping that whole plotline woulda been summarily forgotten, with both characters headed to continuity limbo. Sigh. Like Ravager and Wonder Girl don't both have enough angst in their lives already...


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