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    Default WW Philly: A View From The Floor

    From what attractions drew the biggest crowds to what projects creators are working up, CBR has the full scoop on comings and goings at Wizard World in Philadelphia last weekend.

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    Quoting the article....
    "...“We treat very seriously any criticisms we hear of our shows, and one of those is that we need to diversify our guest list at times. And we’re very aware of that,” he said, noting that Wizard had hopes their June 26th to 29th Chicago convention would draw fans in with the likes of Warren Ellis, Alex Ross and a few soon-to-be-announced creators rarely scene at Wizard cons or cons in general."

    Alex Ross has been a"Special Guest" the last few years at WWC. He continues to use the same banner from 4 or 5 years ago when he was the BIG guest.
    I am interested in seeing Warren Ellis and any other new "guests" but I am peeved that Wizard would try to pass off Ross as anything but passe' for the WWC crowd.
    They might as well trumpet Rob Liefield's appearance......(no lines at THAT booth!).


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